Sponsored Post: AFRICAN CREATIVE EXHIBITION AND AWARDS 2018: What to Expect at the Second Edition.

Creative Micro, Small ad Meduim size Enterprises (MSMEs) have invaded Nigeria and we certainly are not complaining.


In 2016, it became apparent that Nigeria was an import driven nation and that was how the “Buy Naija to the grow Naira” came to be.

However, various sects of the economy are realising that for Nigeria to diversify and become an export driven nation, the beam light falls on MSMEs.
It is almost time for the second edition of the annual African Creative Exhibition and Awards (termed ACE Awards) hosted by Bellafricana.


It brings to Lagos the best creative minds in the fields of Art and Craft, Fashion, Manufacturing, Beauty, Food Produce and so much more.
The Awards is an initiative of Bellafricana, a platform with a focus on Afrocentric Made-in-Nigeria (Africa) Non-oil products development where customers and suppliers engage and transact to bridge the buyer-seller gap and create a wider outreach for Nigerian (African) products locally & globally.
Micro, small and medium-size businesses nationwide produce a great deal of outstanding products, yet these creative business owners aren’t encouraged to innovate and create more.
Bukky Asehinde, Managing Director at Bellafricana says “Everyone likes a pat on the back when they have done something good. Our mission for the ACE Awards is to give these Creative Businesses a platform to receive the recognition they have long deserved”
ACE AWARDS 2018 is themed “Creativity and Innovation in Nation Building” and is scheduled to hold on Saturday, April 28, 2018 by 9:00am at D-Venue, Water Corporation Drive, Off Ligali Ayorinde, Oniru, Lagos, Nigeria.

It is endorsed by the Lagos State Government, Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Nigeria-Britain Association amongst others. It will offer participants a unique opportunity to showcase their talents and to have their work judged by consumers and experts.
This Annual African Creative Exhibition and Awards (ACE Awards) aims to laud the creative works of Nigerians (Africans) and is certainly one of the strongest tools in awakening creative, innovative and entrepreneurship drive in young people in Nigeria and indeed Africa.

ACE Awards 2018 has also received backings from the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF), Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) and supported by other organisations such as Sovereign Guards, Digital Marketing Skill Institute, DODO Agency, Noah’s Ark, Labule, Swift, Uber, ASSETS, Lara Rose, Bella Naija, The Guardian, Inside Watch Africa, Metro Woman, Pulse Nigeria, Connect Nigeria, Woman.ng, The Entrepreneur Africa, Africa on Rise, BEN TV, NTA, Lost in Lagos, Farabale, DHL, Boulos, Mamahz model and much more.
This will be a three phase event in which two (Exhibition and Conference) of the phases will run simultaneously while the third phase (Awards Dinner) will be held as the peak of the event.
Theme: “Celebrating Creativity and Innovation”
Conference Theme: “Creativity and Innovation in Nation Building”
Date: April 28, 2018
Venue: DVenue, Water Corporation Drive, Off Ligali Ayorinde, Oniru, Lagos, Nigeria.
Time for Exhibition: 10 – 4pm
Time for Awards Dinner: 5 – 9pm
To see the official top 3 Nominees List for ACE Awards 2018: Click here

To purchase your ticket for the awards dinner  Click here

For partnership and sponso inrship’s details, please contact the organisers;

Call: +2348086363970

Email: info@bellafricana.com, community@bellafricana.com
Register: event.bellafricana.com



Life: Time wasting closer to Death

What does it mean to have a fulfilled life and how does living a fulfilled life have to do with time management?

Church I photographed while rushing to take a bus

Time is constant it cannot be controlled or bought which makes it the most valuable commodity yet.

“Tick Tock says the clock tick tock what you want to do, do quick”

Imagine how the world would be if you could purchase time. I do not think that alot of us would be at our present level of sucess or failure. We would buy ourselves more time on that exams so we can get that A, we would add extra work hours to earn more, get to our appointments on time, choose our relationships wisely, extend our vacations to rest more.

Imagine if we could go back in time to change whatever we want, well we will take ourselves back to the time where we made that wrong decision that almost ruined our lives and undo it. We will take ourselves back to when we didnt have the courage to take that opportunity and take it. We will undo all the decisons we regret and make new ones.

Alot of people say only “if I could turn back time, only if I had more time”; we are constantly chasing time. Deadlines, Closing Dates, Ageing and so on.

Although we know the importance of time and how it affects our lives we still choose to ignore it. I don’t know if that is negligence or sheer stupidy.

I never understood the phrase “live each day like its your last” until I started trying to understand the beauty of time. I am very sure if we all knew our dates of death we will live our lives better and more consciously. We will take that class, we will start that business, book that flight, we will do so many things we always wanted to do but too scared to do.

How do we live more productive lives well adequate management and maximization of our 24 hours daily is a big step towards achieving that goal. This isn’t an automatic process but it is achievable over a preiod of time when done repeatedly.

Gradually take back your time by refocusing your attention and prioritizing. In other words dedicate a good majority of your time to your self development. It will be worth it.

Tick tock says the clock what you want to do, what decisions you want to make make them now. You really do not have all the time in the world. Just the way the church bells chimes reminding us of the time. We should always have that inner chime reminding us that with every second that passes we are closer to our death beds hence we should all cherish every minute and every second of our days and put it to good use.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I am currently focusing my time on my self growth as usually by engaging in mind and soul Awakening experiences like reading. I am currently reading Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso, and it has  been a lovely read so far. I think I should do a review in my next post. Make the most of your time love D.A💋

The fashion piece you should have in your wardrobe and Hello April!

It’s officially the end of the first week in April and I just realized it’s April already! The last time I took cognisance of time it was the end of February and look it is already the fourth month of 2018. This year have been so hectic and I have been having difficulty recollecting myself and making posts on the blog and I apologise for that. I have been asked how I keep up blogging and being a student and freelance writer well truth be told I have no idea I know I try my best to create content and I have procrastinated a lot lately especially when it comes to putting out the work on the blog because I always feel it is not yet ready  but I have come to realise  its all in my head.

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So to catch you up on what I have been up to lately, I have been studying, creating content on TheBloggerPoint and Pulse amidst all these I have been battling finishing my final year project and reading educational and motivational books. A week or so ago I had some sort of breakdown like writers block I couldn’t write I will pick up my laptop and stare at it until I fall asleep it was terrible so I took a break and tried to refocus my energy for some days and I wont say I am fully back to being me but I feel better and I will get there.

The fashion piece you should have in your wardrobe.

On the Fashion fort I have been in-love with Kimonos for a while now and I think it is absolutely fashionable because it can be styled in different ways like I did below.


Kimonos originated from japanese fashion  but has since evolved from the floor length robes into chic fashionable pieces of full and also half length made with a variety of textures of materials and it is very fun to style and wear.

My favorite kinds of Kimonos are the floral printed ones because they are so fun and flirty, my second favs will be the silk ones.


Another reason I love kimonos are the fact that they are versatile and can be styled differently. I have worn a kimono as a beach cover, a dress, paired it with jeans and an inner, styled it as a top trust me you can do so much with this article of clothing.

You can even sexy it up a little making it your own “victoria secret” this works for the silk kimonos trust me they look so cute and chic. The kimono may not be a trend right now but it is definitely a very essential fashion piece and you should own at least one of them.


My Outfit Details:

silk kimono – The5kshop  (i love its texture it’s currently sold out but if interested you could contact the store)

Long Floral Kimono- Handmade Toreracouture

Floral cotton kimono- Thrifted (bought it for about N500 somewhere around lagos cannot really remember)

Red Pants- Thrifted also (bargained these pants and got it for less than N1K5 (less than $5 I was so happy)

White inner- Thrifted also

Jeans- A gift from my sister 

My love for Kimonos is so strong I feel everyone should own one anyways that’s my opinion what is yours? Do you like Kimonos as much as I do or not? Drop your comment and let’s discuss. I hope you are enjoying this new month so far, are you experiencing any  any challenges? I would love to know I am not alone in the crew of the stressed and almost depressed. I hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to share your thoughts have a wonderful weekend. 


Oh and Happy New Month. Love D.A💋










My Eko Tales: A cooking Party at Samantha’s Bistro featuring tasty custom Burgers.

Today, a couple of creatives and I attended a cooking party themed “Burgers and Cooking Parties” hosted by Samantha’s Bistro, Pulse.ng and Gourmet Burger Bar.

Cooking Party

This is the first cooking party I have ever attended and yes it was really fun. We were a party of about 13 including the chefs, the lovely Chef Dumbei and the handsome Chef James.

Our challenge was to make our burgers with the ingredients we got from playing a game the twister. We played in pairs, I was paired with an amazing wordpress blogger Sortgut she was really fun partner


After playing my round I ended up with a receipe/ingredient list which will guide me into making my own burger. You can imagine my excitment when I saw things like pineapple, Emmental Cheese (which I called elementary cheese silly me 😊), oxtail and veggie patty.

My list

Making my burger

After adding my filling which was a mixture of pieces of pineapple, advocado, cheese, lean bacon and so on. My custom made Burger was  almost ready.

The last step was “cooking” it using fire, that was honestly the coolest part because you see the effect fire has on the cheese and filling as it melt the drippy sauce and ready to be eaten. After that last step Dee’s cheese veggie patty and beacon Burger was ready for consumption.

The cooking party was so much fun and I learnt how to make a burger and got to connect with so many amazing people. It exceeded my expectations.

I had a great time, I will definitely be visiting again. Have you ever attended a cooking party? Do you like burgers? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.

Ps: My Burger tasted fresh and absolutely yummy (and I am not just saying this because I made it).

Have a lovely weekend.

Love D.A ♥.

Your Money: Having a positive attitude towards money helps you manage it better.

The money talk is usually very uncomfortable for most people. People usually do not like talking about their finances or their spending habits because it isn’t easy to discuss what they fail to realise is this having a positive view towards money help you manage it better.

Most people dread tracking their spending why? because they feel money isn’t something that they can be controlled and most individuals do not like discussing things or circumstances they feel they cannot control.

That is a bad attitude towards money, feeling that it is an item that you cannot have control over makes money control you instead of you controlling your money which is wrong because you can control your money.

Let us start this with a mantra start by saying “it is MY Money” repeat this after me “It is MY Money” and “I control what is MINE, hence, I can control MY Money” why? Because it is YOURS so best believe that you can control it.

Now that is first step to controlling your spending and even earning habits it all starts from your mind. Having good control of your spending is the first step to adequately managing your money after that has been achieved then, you can start saving by starting a rainy day fund which is a bold step in making a great financial decision for yourself and for your future.

Yes, financial security can be achieved but not overnight and definitely not with a negative attitude towards money.

How having a positive attitude towards money can help beef up your earning capabilities.First off to control your money you have to start by earning some money in the first place. The fear of talking about your finances my be the very thing hindering your earning more. A practical example of a man working at a firm diligently for well over 5 years without promotions or improvement in his salary. Now the most sensible thing will be to ask for a raise based on the fact that he has earned it and deserved it and this should be relatively easy except for the minor issue of his negative attitude towards money hence, he gets scared and sweaty and cannot talk about his much deserved raise not because he feels he doesn’t deserve it, he knows he does but he would rather not talk about money because he feels he cannot understand or control money.

This happens to a lot of people and the situation is quite uncommon and isn’t all that unique because a lot of people out there believe they cannot control money which may interpret to believing they do not deserve money.

One major step to taking control of your life is taking control over your finances. It shows a degree and a level of responsibility on your part towards what is important which is your money.

All this starts however, with having a positive attitude towards your money. Make a conscious effort to get comfortable talking and analyzing your money that way you can manage spend and earn it better. Get positive about your money today.

I really hope this post was helpful to you, I really want to know your view on this, does your attitude to money matter? Share your thoughts at the COMMENT section. Enjoy your weekend.

Love D.A

Sponsored Post: Getting a US Visa quick and easy.

 When someone tells you that he/she will show you a way to permanently live and stay in USA, how you will feel. This is going to be a dream comes true, no doubt! USA is a place with unlimited chances of success, higher income earning, available opportunities for career development and advancement, etc. The USA Green Card can make this possible for anyone irrespective of your poor financial state.

What is the USA Green Card all about: This is a system put in place by the government of the United States, to enable people from other countries to acquire a USA Visa/Green Card and live in the Country permanently as a citizen of the States.



Advantages of the USA Green Card

Acquiring a USA Green Card will give you the following advantages:

*Permanent Status: A green Card makes it possible for you to stay in the United States on a permanent basis, without having to re-apply for Visa renewal. This is unlike what happens with some other forms of Visa statuses where you need to renew your Visa to be eligible to stay in the Country.

*Work Freedom: It gives you the freedom to live and work in the USA. Besides, you now have access to avalanche of work opportunities, with the right to apply and take up any job of your choice without restriction.

*Legal rights: The possession of the USA Green Card comes with lots of legal rights like Insurance covers, Education sponsorship by the State, Social Security benefits, Retirement benefits, Health and Research, etc. You equally have access to Car, Firearms, Accommodation, and Loans.

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Your Money: Why you should have your own Domain name and host it.

*Sponsorship of Relatives: If you are granted the Green Card, you can as well sponsor your family members to get theirs so that your family can live together in the United States.

*Freedom of Movement: With it, there is no restriction of movement as you can easily travel within the US and also travel out and return anytime you wish.

*Contribution to US election campaigns: You have the right to contribute to elections campaigns but non-citizens do not have that right. However, you are not allowed to vote, except you are a full citizen of the States.

*You can seek Citizenship Status: After staying in the country for up to five years, you can apply to be granted the status of a full citizen which would enable to vote and be voted for in elections.


*American Dream: Americans are proud of the fact that they live in one of the most diverse societies on the globe. Through American immigration policies, people have come to America from all corners of the world, bringing with them a wealth of different languages, cultures and traditions. Companies in America have recognizing the economic benefits and opportunities that lie in diversity. Organizations are gaining competitive advantage by capitalizing on the gender, linguistic skills, cultural knowledge and contacts of migrant communities. The importance of the relationship between innovation and Companies growth is not lost on Corporate. They recognize the need to develop some type of innovative activity, whether in new products, Locals, as an example, or human resources. America, is geared for the long run

Interested in this awesome offer Click the link to begin the process:


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for processing a United States of America visa. It is not in any way deframing any country or individual. 

Hey Sis! Yes you.

It’s international women’s day and all I can think of sharing with my beautiful amazing sisters out there all over the world reading this a piece I wrote some time ago.


More than the lipstick

More than those stilettos

More than the inches of weave and extentions

More than the nail polish

More than the natural curls

We are more than what the eyes can see

Judging a book by its cover should be a crime

Judging a female by her grooming choices are absurd

Beneath that Russian red are prayerful lips

Beneath the inches of weave and extentions and curls are working brains

Beneath the mascara eyes that have cried more tears than you could imagine

Beneath the layers of clothing is a hearts that bleeds for love ones

Beneath those polished nails are hardworking hands

Women suffer as much as any other humans on earth

Women are judged more than any other humans on earth also

We only know how to dress everything up to look cute and shining

We only know how to hide the flaws and pains better

Remember this when next you want to Judge a woman

Remember we are MORE.


Being a woman isn’t easy being a woman in 2018 isn’t easy but you got this rise above it all, know that you are more and you can be anything and do anything. Because you’re a QUEEN!

And to all the men that support the women in their lives and push them to be better and make understand their beauty and strength. You are Heros, Warriors and Kings and we appreciate you💋.

Happy International Women’s Day Sis. Love D.A♥

Epe Resort and Spa: A review 10 things to do while visiting.

Winning a two night stay at the luxurious Epe resort and Spa through a bloggers writing challenge hosted by Pulse.ng has been one of the best things to happen to me so far in 2018. I was there last weekend and I am sharing 10 things to do while visiting the Epe Resort and Spa.


Epe Resort and Spa is located at Epe a town and local government in Lagos State, Nigeria. It is easily assessable as it is at the north side of the Lekki Lagoon off Lekki- Epe expressway in Lagos.

The Resort is barely an hour away from Lekki and although it was a bit far from Lagos mainland getting there was easy, roads were good and locating the Resort was easy breezy as it is along the Epe expressway.

The Epe resort and Spa is the perfect spot for a vacation, holiday getaway, “baecation” or in my case a “mecation” (made up word me on a vacation) because it is away from Lagos hustle and bustle. Check in time is 2pm which I found really cool because it gives guests enough time to sleep in and check out.

My experience.

I won a voucher for two (2) for two nights with complimentary breakfast and I decided to go with my sister, my twinnie (@mz_annie) and I had the most chilled two days ever! My reservation was booked and I checked in at 2pm on the Friday, 16th February 2018, we were so excited we got to the resort 30 minutes before check in.

The first thing that caught my eyes at the resort at the reception was the interior I was like oh my gawd! I loved it instantly, the same goes for my room which was gorgeous, comfortable and fully air conditioned. The water was clean hot and cold water available, room spacious, with a private outdoor sitting area unique to every room.

The Staff at the resort were very polite, friendly and helpful, room service responded in time, there was Wi-Fi assessable to guests, environment serene and very relaxing, and the food was great I enjoyed every meal especially breakfast.

My stay was really relaxing and fun I checked out 18th February, 2018 after having breakfast. I had a full experience and there is a lot to do while visiting the Epe Resort and Spa.

10 things to do while visiting Epe resort and spa:

There are so many things to do at the Epe resort and Spa, here are some of these things:

Enjoy the restaurant breakfast or dinner buffet: breakfast buffet was one of my favorite times during my stay, there is a variety to choose from baked beans, toast, cereal, egg sauce, Irish potatoes, chicken sauce and so on. Thinking about that buffet is making me hungry, food is well cooked and delicious and staff is really nice.

Order room service and enjoy lunch or dinner in the comfort of your room: there is a wide range of affordable meals and drinks to choose from the menu. You can call room service and order yourself a delicious meal and guess what? You do not need to bother about cash because they have you covered you can pay with your card when your food is delivered.

Or Treat yourself to a massage: the spa isn’t up and running yet but you can treat yourself to spa treatments on order.

  • Take a bicycle ride, a run or a walk: bicycles are provided at the premises for those that love to take bicycle rides and the environment encourages bicycle rides, runs and walks especially during the mornings and evenings.

  • Enjoy a relaxing swim or play a game at the court: there is a beautiful pool by the restaurant and also a court where you can play tennis.

  • You could also Sit outdoors and just enjoy the serenity: there are a lot of places at the Epe resort where you can just sit outdoors and enjoy the serenity. The restaurant has an outdoor space where you can seat and have something to drink, you can also do this by the poolside or the outdoor space by your room maybe you could catch the breath taking sunset or sunrise.

  • Go sight-seeing around Epe: Epe is a very beautiful place hence you can go sight-seeing around the town. The notable Epe fish market is just a few when you get back you could just take advantage of the bathtub and soak in rejuvenating bath.

  • Sleep in and watch a lot of tv if you are the television type: the television had variety of channels to choose from, hence relaxing by the television is always a good idea.

  • Interact and socialize: the staff are friendly and ready to answer any questions you have therefore interacting with them and the other guests will absolutely be fun or take the time to finish off work take advantage of the free Wi-Fi if you are not much of the socializing type.
  • Take lots of pictures! The resort is very photographic therefore do not forget to take as many pictures as possible to document your stay. I did thanks to my sister who is great with the camera.

The Epe resort and Spa is beautiful and I had a lovely stay and I would love to go back someday soon. A big thank you to Pulse for the opportunity to experience the Epe Resort I cannot wait to experience more and share. If you are in the Epe area do not hesitate to visit the Resort.

I hope you liked this post share your thoughts on the comment section. Love D.A♥

Life: Promises Fulfiled and Broken ( Effects of broken promises)

One of the pharses I hate hearing the most is the “i will make it up to you” pharse. Why? Because this usually comes after a promise has been broken.

Promises are a declaration that something will or will not be done, given, etc., by someone to another person.

Promises are scared to me (one of the reasons I rarely make them) and I am sure to so many other people also. When you make a promise to a person you bind a person with hope.

Ever broken a promise before and your relationship with that person never remained the same? Well if yes, here is a simply example showing the psychology behind that change in behavior.

Promises breed expectations and hope. If you tell a child “I will get you ice cream on my way back from work” in the morning before you leave for work. From the moment you say it to the child to the moment you get home he is in anticipation expectant of that ice cream probably checking the clock for the time praying you close early and get him his ice cream in time. Same goes for relationships if you promise you would do something for a friend, husband, wife he or she automatically feels hope its like half of the problem is solved because of the trust they have in you, you just lifted that person from a pit of despair and when you fail to fulfil your promise, you throw them back into that pit deeper into that pit.

The psychological effect of breaking promises:

How do you think distrust breeds within relationships? Breaking promises is one of these ways. Breaking a promise always seem to hurt. And if this happens alot then a major problem is breeding within that relationship.

Why do people make promises and break them? Okay, honestly I struggled with this for a while. Like why? You didnt have to make the promise. Like theperson was probably going to figure it out anyways before you offered the help you never gave, the person was probably okay before you offered to do that thing you never did. So why trying to make a bad situation worse? Or what purpose. But I get it, its easy to offer a friend your help in the moment so you dont seeem like a bad person. I get it you do ut for your conscience but do you not think that is an absolutely selfish thing to do. Especially if you know you won’t fulfil that promise?

Sometimes it may not be your fault though and that is understandable but the problem begins when this becomes a norm within a relationship.

See Post: Conflict: When is it okay to walk away?

To solve this little problem of constantly breaking promises cannot be easy because I know it feels good to make a promise because you will seem like such a great person in that moment but always remember before you open your mouth to say something you know you probably wont do. The follow up is more important.

  • Don’t make promises to look like a good person.
  • Don’t make promises under pressure and you know you won’t fulfil.
  • Don’t make promises to yourself that you know you wont fulfil.
  • Don’t make promises at all if you know you have no plans on fulfilling them.

By doing these you wont spread the seed of disappointment around.

In all your dealing try as much as possible to keep up to your words. It may not be easy but it is important to be a person that does what he/she says and says what he/she means.

Trust me it makes you a better person, a more trust worthy person and this is great for your relationship with yourself and other people.

What do you think of promises? Have you ever broken a promise? What was your reason? Do you think it had a negative effect? Share with me in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading. Have a lovely week ahead. LOVE D.A♥

Your Money: Why you should have your own Domain name and host it.

Some weeks back I was on my regular internet surfing about a topic that had been bugging me for a while Domain names and hosting.

So about 2am or so in the morning after surfing countless pages on the net I came across a website that searches for appropriate domain names and hosts it for as little as $15/ year and I decided to share this with you.

For those that do not know a Domain name is a unique name that identifies a website this can be your business name, blog name, online store and so on.

The importance of having a domain name cannot be over emphasized as research have shown that having a domain name makes your website have a unique identity like an online business card which is makes it easily accessible to people all over the world.

How do you obtain a Domain name you may ask?

The first step in obtaining a Domain name is choosing a name suitable for your brand. For instance if you are a food blogger or have a recipe making business and you want a website for your blog or recipes you can choose a domain name like “RecipesbyNeil“. Choosing a name unique to your brand is very important as it introduces people to your brand even before they visit your website.

After choosing your unique name tbe next step is to get a web host service provider to register your unique domain name. Registering your domain name takes it off the makert making it unique to only you and your brand.

See previous Post: Your Money: 5 Saving Myths vs Actual Facts.

You can register your domain name monthly, annually, biannually as it case may be. You also have to keep renewing your registration.

During my research I came across a web host service provider Druts where you can register your domain name for $12 per year, which I think is a very reasonable deal.

A domain name is very important so you can Save towards buying your unique domain name specific for your businesses, blogs, online stores and so on you can check out Druts at and purchase yours if you want to make that bold step.

Do you have a domain name? Have you ever thought of getting one? Ever tried Druts or any other web hosting service providers? Share with me on the comment section.

Have a lovely weekend. Love D.A♥

My Eko Tales: Why you should visit Kalakuta Republic.

Visiting the Kalakuta Republic has been on my wishlist since before I stepped my feet in Eko because I have always been fascinated with Fela Kuti and the Kalakuta Queens. So when I got the chance of visiting the Kalakuta Republic I was beyond ecstatic.

Growing up I listened to the iconic Fela Kuti and always wondered about his story and legacy.

Some time last year I got the opportunity of visiting the Kalakuta Republic which is the home of Fela Kuti but I couldn’t enter the museum so I didn’t write about it.

On February 10th 2018, my friends – Paula, Inemesit, Iyanu and Bolu and I decided to take a little adventure and visit the controversial Kalakuta Republic.

Back Story

For those that do not know Fela Kuti, he was a Legend the founder and Father of Afro beats in Nigeria and Africa. A Political activist and a civil right movement leader who fought for the rights of the mere Nigerian.

Back in the day of my parents Fela Kuti spoke against the injustices he saw in his country Nigeria, he spoke against the then military government and received a lot of negativity for all he said through his amazing afro beats sound.

He was beaten, abused, boycotted, his house was burnt down, his people beaten and battered, he was accused to a lot of crimes and was imprisoned.

Listening to Fela feels like walking the path of history from the view of an outspoken Nigerian Man in the times of political unrest. Some of his best songs include Unknown Soldier, Zombie, Teacher don’t teach me Nonsense, Fellow fever, Lady to mention a few.

I dare say there is no song Fela sang that didn’t make sense and didn’t pass a message across to his audience.

Kalakuta Republic

Kalakuta Republic was founded by Fela Kuti, he named his home after the first jail cell he ever slept in being that he was detained for a song he sang about the government. It is loacated at No. 7 Gbemisola st, Allen Ikeja Lagos State, Nigeria.

His then home was the first Kalakuta Republic which was later burnt down by an “unknown soldier” as the judge called ruled out the case in court that the act was perpetrated by an unknown soldier. Fela sang about this injustice in one of his songs.

The Kalakuta republic ran differently it was a city within a city. Day was night and night day. There was no short of music, art and laughter as it was a land of creatives from all parts of the country.The official language was pidgin or English for easy communication and unity. Every man had a right and so did the women, the Kalakuta Queens where the electric dancers that lit up the stage during Fela’s performance.

Fela who was the father to all made sure everyone had everything they needed and they were all taken care of.

Our tour guide the very patient Mr A took us around the 4 story buiding that is Kalakuta Republic and I enjoyed every bit of our tour.

He gave us first hand encounters of the experiences the Political Activist Fela Kuti faced in the hands of the then Nigerian Government and through his eyes I got the see Fela in another light.

5 things I learnt from my visit:

i. BE BOLD and do not stop until you achieve your dreams. Fela was threatened, beaten and abused but he never took the easy way out.

ii. LEGENDS ARE NOT BORN BUT MADE. Enduring so much hatred and receiving so much love made Fela into the legend he is today.

iii. THE HEART OF MAN IS WICKED. Humans naturally do not like hearing the truth and your art may suffer because of this human trait. Remaining true to yourself and your truth is very important. You may lose some people and receive hate but your audience is out there just waiting to discover you so keep pushing.

iv. LOVE WHAT YOU DO AND DO WHAT YOU LOVE. Our tour guide Mr. A is the definition of a man doing what he loves. He took us on a tour and answered every question we had effortlessly and even let us fool around a bit taking lots of pictures.

v. DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR. Kalakuta has a reputation of being the “smokers place” where “drug addicts” visit, but people fail to talk about how amazing the museum is and what a legend Fela kuti is.

My eyes have been open and so has my heart. I absolutely love everything Fela related and my visit increased this love immensely, because the man fought for a purpose and achieved his purpose. My country and my persent generation owe alot of our freedoms to this legend.

My favorite song will always remain Fela KutiLady. Everyone has their demons he fought his he wasnt perfect but he was and will always remain a LEGEND.

If you are in Lagos or come visiting you can visit the Kalakuta Republic take a tour say hi to the tour guide and tell him Destiny and her friends say hi. A tour is very inexpensive just one thousand naira ( N1000 ) per person worth every penny.

I hope you enjoyed My Eko Tales and I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Have an amazing week ahead if you are down you can sit back and listen to Fela Kuti and catch up with some Nigerian history.

Have you ever heard of Fela and his music? What’s your favorite song? Ever been to the Kalakuta Republic? Do you want to go? Share below in the COMMENT section. Love D.A♥

Life Lately: How I won a blogger writing Challenge (Highlight of my January 2018)

January was a bit of a challenging month for me but the highlight of it has been winning a blogger writing Challenge by Pulse Nigeria.

Can I get a what what! *doing a belly dance*

The challenge stated that the top two bloggers with combined highest generated traffic from December 1st, 2017 to January 6th, 2018 will win 2 tickets for a luxurious Stay At the Epe Resort and Spa.

When I saw this challenge, Fam! I was beyond excited because I have heard of this place before, and really wanted to win.

I had plans of writing my article and submitting it before the deadline but I was under alot of pressure majorly from school and myself because it was the first month of the year and I ususally put alot of pressure on myself to do better be better, set those goals map out a plan to achieve them and all.

Also, educationally January is the month I write my first semester exams, so alot of reading, studying and rereading is involved. I barely had time to update my blog and write the articles I promised I will write to join the pulse.ng bloggers challenge. Even during the holiday I was really busy with my project and well Christmas chicken that procastination became my middle name.

Anyways, I finally sent in my article on the 5th of January, very close to the deadline and truth be told I didn’t hope for much when I sent it in. My article Men are not Shoes was inspired by t

he African concept of love, relationship and marriage and the expected role for women in relationships.

I wrote it and sent it in a night, truth be told  truth be told I have never shared such a thought provoking article in my life. I usually write them and hid them due to the fear of backlash and people saying what does she know that she wants to say about love and relationship, so I almost didn’t send in the Article but something came to mind I told myself “Dee what can really happen? The worst that happens is that they think it’s trash and do not post it”

So hit SEND and a few weeks later while I was out studying for my exams I recieved a message from the Blogger Manager Mr FBI (that’s how i saved his number on my phone 😆) and he gave me the good news.

I was so excited I let out a shout of joy disturbing everyone reading with me (sorry guys) I couldnt sit still I was just jiggly and dancing in my seat. Especially because I didnt even in my wildest dreams think I will win due to self doubt and procastination .

An article published the winners of the challenge on the Pulse Website and I went by the office to pick my prize yesterday it was amazing.


Mr FBI giving me my Prize


In all the month of January taught me one lesson if you have anything to get done like Nike says “Just Do It!” before you succeed in talking yourself out of it. You will thank yourself later. I finally finished my chapter 2 in my project just have a few corrections to effect and I also finished my exams so I am beyond happy. Time to take on more responsibilities.

Therefore, I am going into February excited, energetic and grateful for my wins and for the support I recieved so far the views on my blog and the websites I currently contribute to Pulse and The Blogger Point (a platform that helps and connects bloggers).

To all the subscribers and followers on my blog and social media (@deeawata on instagram and chicitynomad on Facebook platforms) that read my work from all parts of the world and give their honest opinions thank you from the bottom of my heart. To my blogger group where I got the opportunity of getting involved in content contribution for Pulse Nigeria I say a big thank you life isnt boring and more productive with @ThebloggerAdvocate (advocating for blogger growth and dreams). I love you all.

I will be launching a new series on my blog titled MY EKO TALEs under Fun and Adventure where I will be sharing my experiences around Lagos, Nigeria (Eko Lagos) which will start with my visits of amazing places. Alot of Photography will definitely be involved of course


Are you excited ? I sure am. I can’t wait to start posting and go on my 2 days trip to Epe (which I will definently share in a post) guess who i am taking along with me?

If you have been to Epe resort and spa kindly send in reviews and suggest ways to have fun because I want to make the most of my days there.

How was your month? Any challenges? Any wins? Share with me in with a comments below!

Note: Do not let procastination and self doubt make you loose an awesome opportunity you never know what God has in store for you all that is left, is for you to play your part

Happy New Month and have an amzing weekend. Love D.A♥

Your Money: 5 Saving Myths vs Actual Facts.

Today on Your Money we are having a conversation, rather I will be focusing on some Saving myths and actual facts. Why you should save your money and the reasons why you should change your mindset on saving.

First off, we all earn money right? Be it wages, salaries or allowances, No matter how little, it’s still some amount of money earned right?

Yes I earn money. So what?

Okay, You earn but do you Save? Do you have some savings to show for your productivity? Do you Save some money from your earnigs? These are a few questions I want you to focus on as you read this article.

What does it mean to Save Money?

Saving can be defined as income not spent or deferred consumption. Put simply to save is systematically setting aside a portion of your earnings in a separate accout for future purposes. So why aren’t you saving?

Some time ago whenever I am told to save some part of my income (allowances I’m a student) the first thing that comes to my mind is “with which money?”. Like what am I supposed to save when I have alot of wants and needs to be fulfilled (let’s be realistic for a second here we as humans have more wants than needs). I have come to realise that there are lots of myths associated with the idea of Saving.

These myths entwined with saving are usually the reasons we dont engage in saving.

Myth 1: “With which money?”

This is the first myth I had to vounter, the myth that I needed to recieve or “make” more to enable saving. Alot of people believe their income is so small that they cant save.

Fact: No matter your income you can save. Yes you that earns $50 equilvalent N18,000. Yes you can save, no matter now little even if its $5 or $10 or even as little as $2 you can save. For my Nigerian brothers and sisters we always believe saving is for those earning “big” no fam! You have it all wrong you can save N1000, N2000 or even N500 and you can start a saving today.

Myth 2:Just Save anything”

When I finally decided to start saving I would save N5000 today and N200 tomorrow and pat myself on the back like Go girl you have saved this money. Oya go and buy those shoes (I love shoes). Your saving for last month covered you this month. No no no.

Fact: I think we should all practice “concious” saving. By this I mean have a savings plan where you state in detail how much you want to put aside, why you want to and for how long like a goal. For example if I earn N5000 or $50 and I want to save N1000 or $10 every month from my earnings I think how will this affect my day to day life? And will I be able to keep this up monthly? After answering these questions if am still unsure then the best move will be to reduce the amount to a more sustainable sum of probably N500 or $5 which I can track over time.

Myth 3: ”I dont need to separate my savings because won’t be tempted”

Now this is one of the funniest ones because I have said this lie to myself alot! So I dont separate my savings well its a scam. When I used only one bank account to keep all my “monies” I ended up “borrowing” from my so called savings and I never paid back.

Fact: You NEED a separate bank account for your savings this is very important and keeps you out of the path of temptation literally and enables you keep track of your savings. I for one do not even have an atm to my saving account why? Being the shoe lover I am, I never want to be so tempted by a pair of Steve Madden that I forget myself and spend out of my savings.

Myth 4: “Savings isn’t fun”

I never saw saving money as fun, I used to see it as a burden like a sacrifice. Honestly I wasn’t excited the first time I put money into my “official savings account” because I was thinking of all the stuff I could buy with the money.

Fact: This was the case until I started saving I never saw the joy in it but after 5 months of saving my account was looking good. I felt proud of myself I was like “girllllllll”. It felt good and I was motivated to save more. So yes saving can be fun!

Myth 5: “You can stop saving when you reach your goal”

Okay this one is one that confuses alot of people setting a goal for saving doesn’t mean when you achieve that goal you stop saving, fold your hands and say “good job”.

Fact: There is no end to saving. If your income increases, increase your saving ratio and vice versa but do not stop saving. Even when you have to use all your savings and the goal was to settle an immediate need and you do, continue saving because other needs may arise. You can also save towards retirement, health care, paying off your rent or mortagage and so many other things including a vacation! Money saved comes in very handy and even in death savings may solve a need in the family of the deceased.

If you are not yet sold on saving, Here are some reasons why you should save:

  • Saving is a major key in building long term wealth.
  • Saving money helps you build discipline.
  • Saving helps you cultivate better spending habits.
  • Savings come in handly in cases of emergencies.
  • You can save for financial security.
  • Lastly saving gives you a sense of self fulfillment.

On all the monies earned and spent we should definitely Save even if its little in a regular systematic manner to ensure some level of financial security. Now back to my initial question Are you saving? Do you save? Have you ever had any myths as relating to saving? Share your tgoughts on the commment section. Let’s discuss!

I hope this article has been useful to you. If there are any topics relating to your money and finace you would love to see on these blog series. Kindly leave a title on the comment section.

Have a wonderful and fulfilled weekend. Love D.A♥

Fashion lately: Styling Polka Dot Pants

Hello lovelies, Is it too late to say Happy January because I have been enjoying this month so far you can see that from my choice Polka Dots Pants.

For my fashion segments on the blog, I have changed the title from Outfit of the day to fashion lately.

So on fashion lately I am styling my polka dot pants! I have never really been a Polka Dots fan, although polka dots pants are classic and I love classic pieces.

Short story: these pants where Thrifted a while ago and I got them specifically because I wanted to try sometime really new but I never got around actually wearing it up until now.

I paired the polka dot pants with a basic white top which was also Thrifted some time ago because I wanted to accentuate the white “polka dots” on the pants.

My favorite sandals right now did the trick of enlongating my legs. It was sunny and my hair was being unruly so I picked up a Visor and sunnies.

This outfit was easy to style and wear especially on a sunny day.

There are also some tips on how you can wear the polka dots pattern on pants and how to pull off this look differently and not look silly:

  • When pairing polka dots always go for basic colors thhat will make the piece pop. You can choose white, red or even green as long as it goes with your skintone
  • Be fun, i have come to realize that you can dress the polka dots trend up and down. This time I choose sandals, you can dress it up in heels and a blazer (i will try this look) and dress it down in sandals or even sneakers with a basic top
  • Choose the pattern of “polkas” that suit your silhouette. If you havent noticed the dots have different partterns so its important yo choose one that will be complimentary to your shape.
  • When wearing polka dots blouses its it important to choose a loosely fitted one as it looks more chic and classy.

What do you think of this outfit? Share your thoughts on Polka Dots in the comment section below and have a lovely weekend ahead. Love D.A♥

Your Money: What are your Money Goals this year?

Welcome to 2018 dear readers! We made it to another wonderful year.

With every new year comes new goals to be set and achieved. Self evaluation when setting goals for the new year cannot be over emphasized, but while we are evaluating every aspect of our lives over the last year to set ourselves GOALS for this year, we should not forget to include our finances.

The year of self realization just passed alot of us learnt that having a financial plan for the year is very important

What does your money do for you? This is one question we should all ask ourselves. What do we want our money to do for us? What did our money do for us last year?

You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you. –Dave Ramsey

We work and earn money but what does that money do for us! Alot cannot boast of savings, investments, trust funds and so on because of the way we mismanage our funds. Yes, it is true that available funds may be limited but we have to understand that funds will always be limited in supply against our demands ie. We will always want what we cannot afford at the moment that is how humans are built. We will always want to buy a house we know we cannot afford and even when we work long enough or save or invest long enough to get that house, we will move to wanting something else something bigger. This is why I believe we as human beings are naturally built to set challenging goals to beat. Starting the year on a clear financial picture will help in planning for our year adequately.

Our proposed expenses and expected incomes should be written down in a budget and updated from time to time. Here are some tips I think should be put into consideration when setting goals for 2018:

  • No Debt Rule: except you are a finance guru set a goal to not amass any debts this year. Why? Because it automatically eats into your disposable income. If you have a big project to undertake and you really need to borrow money to undertake that project, then make sure you borrow from a reputable institution with a reasonable interest rate. Make sure that is the only long term liability you owe and have a payment plan for the loan collected.
  • Budget it all: Ensure you do not Spend more than you earn that is the best way to stay debt free. I know those gucci shoes look great and you want to be a part of the self acclaimed “gucci gang” but if buying those pairs of shoes will cut so deep in your pocket that you will need to borrow some money to survive the next weeks before you recieve your next paycheck DO NOT buy them. They are not assets.

  • Assets: if you do not own any substantial Assets then this is the year to be looking into getting yourself a few of those. For those that do not know simply put an Asset is an economic resource tangible or intangible that is owned and controled to create value. An asset appreciates over time for example a land bought this year will be worth a lot more in 5 years. There are alot of assests to invest in that will add value in a few years and will eventually be worth the financial undertaking.
  • Multiple streams of Income: having more than one score of income is very important as it not only give financial security but it enables you undertake long term investments and asset acquisition.
  • Prioritize: always set your money goals in other of importance so as to not burden yourself. A priority list should be drawn and your goals should be set around this list. The most pressing expenses on top of the list and the least pressing finacial engagements at the bottom.
  • To Spend and To save: we should map out the portion of our income is to be spend and what portion is to be saved. And also set an amount we want to save this year for example if you set a goal of saving $500 (N180,000) at the end of the year as a goal then you know automatically that you need to save nothingless than $42 (N15,000) per month that means you have to make more than that amount obviously and also invest.
  • Have a plan: a plan of implementation to back our set goals is very important. Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant. –P.T. Barnum

Actions speak louder than words setting your goals and making moves starting from today will definitely be steps in the right direction in the wise words of Robert Kiyosaki “It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” With that said A very happy new year to you I urge you to live your best life everyday of this year and work earnestly to achieve all set goals. May this year be the best for self development, financial advancement and wealth in knowledge and experiences. Happy 2018! Love D.A♥

Life Lessons I learnt this year.

It is finally the end of 2017 and I am saying goodbye to this awesome year. This year in all have been a process for me. I have been through alot this year and I have learnt alot. There are some life lessons I learnt this year

  • You aint shit: I learnt that there is always going to be someone that is better and more accomplished who can make us feel like we are so tiny in the world and so underachieving its a very humbling experience trust me. Knowing that you are just one very tiny voice in a sea of giants, can be disheartening sometimes but always strive to be better everyday nevertheless
  • You are Gold: yes baby solid gold! In as much as I realized I wasn’t shit, I also realized I am solid raw unrefined gold. Why? Because in all my shittiness I am an only edition not limited but number 1 and only 1, that uniqueness makes me gold and the realization of this is TRUTH.
  • Know your team: this year was trying for me especially in the aspect of relationships with others . We all have a squad, our guys and our friends but there is always a “team” within a squad. Those beautiful souls that are always out and down with you, for you and your growth are diamonds in rocks. Make an effort to identify and appreciate those humans because in a selfish world like ours it takes alot to promote someone else. I also learnt that there will always be people who are in your life for their own agendas and you have to be fully aware of these humans. Not all kindness is from tbe heart and not all anger is from hatred. Always remember a good majority of us walk around the streets wearing a mask above our real faces showing society a side of us that is not necessarily true.
  • Selflove is more than important: it is a necessity. Loving yourself, the human and the skin you are created with, just having agreat relationship with yourself is very important for growth.
  • Be your number 1 fan: I am the first to like my own pictures why? Because i have a theory that even if the world may not like me I have to love me for me. I also learnt that I should love myself enough to push myself to be the best every second of everyday get out of your comfort zone.
  • You teach others how to treat you: yes by the level of bullshit you are willing you accept they know your limits and can play on your emotions. Show quality you will be treated as such, show ratched well if the shoe fits. What I am trying to say is respect is reciprocal respect yourself and others will have no choice than to treat you in a respectable manner. Always define your boundaries with people especially those close to you dont just sweep it under the carpet you can choke on bullshit trust me on this.
  • Forgiveness doesn’t mean studipity: stay woke forgiving someone doesn’t necessarily mean you go back to the way you were before, give yourself time to heal. Only a fool doesn’t learn from his past experiences.
  • Only the foolish compare: do not compare yourself with anyone trust your journey. Don’t loose your uniqueness trying so hard to be successful like them. Be patient every dog has his day. I used to compare myself with everything and everyone sucessful because I thought I wasn’t good enough but this year I realized so freaking what? Now I let the gap between where I am to where I want to be be a source of inspiration and this has been working like magic.
  • Positive vibes only goes beyond the quote: givewhat you want to receive, you want positive vibes give positive vibes and stay away from the negativity. Protect your self and your peace.
  • You are in control don’t give anyone that power: in as much as the family and society factor weighs in your life, you remain the CEO making all the decisions so you have the ability to decide where your energy goes daily, to what and to whom. No one will make those decisions for you because only you know your passions and your dreams.
  • God is alive: have you ever experienced a love so great you are left in awe? In all my Days or nights, rain or sunshine, sadness or happiness there is someone who is there for me and you always and he will never forsake me or you. I have always known of the existence of God but his love has been too vivid in my life this year.

Reminiscing some of the favorite things that happened this year here some of the things I am greatful for this year:

  • May, when I opened my blog and all the milestones that came with it; first 50 likes on the blog and first 50 followers. My first 100likes and then first 100 followers, My first 1000 likes on the blog: trust me I was shook and My single best days with 50 plus best views
  • Joining the Bloggers advocate and being on the blogger point team of content providers. Having my articles published on Pulse.ng, meeting amazing creative souls on and offline. It has been simply amazing. Collaborations with brands and individuals on projects
  • My adventures and foodventures for the year Lekki Conversion center topping that list.
  • Connecting with so many people reaching 5k organic followers on instagram
  • When I recieved flowers without an occasion and first red carpet hosting
  • All year round growth and being alive to write this right now

Thank you all for everything. 2017 has been lit because I let God lead the way and it has been awesome not perfect but awesome. What did you learn this year?

Thank you all for your likes, comments on the blog and support through out this 2017 journey. I love you all kisses💋💋💋. More wins, more life, more of everything good. Love D.A

Movie Review: The Wedding Party 2

You asked for it and I am giving it to you all!

Welcome to my first movie review, today I will be giving my thoughts on the most anticipated movie of December 2017, The Wedding Party 2 starring Nigeria’s Favorite Couple Banky Wellington (Banky W), the gorgeous Adesuwa Etomi (Mrs W),Sola Sobowale,Patience Ozokwor, Richard Mofe Damijo,Ireti Doyle and many others So lets get into it shall we and I won’t be including any major spoilers.

First off, I loved wedding party 1 because it took me by surprise, I am not a movie buff hence the lack of movie reviews on the blog but I saw The Wedding Party 1 and my love for the Nigerian weddings and culture came back in full force so I couldn’t wait to see Part 2.

I will keep this short and simple. The movie started with the obvious accidental proposal of Nonso Onwuka Dozie’s fine ass older brother (😍 who happened to be unmarried in part 1), to the beautiful “oyinbo pepper” Dunni’s friend Deidre Winston. Although there was not much of a backstory of Nonso’s and Deidre’s romance before the propsal and their relationship, it seemed that they were only dating for a short while of 6 months (which Nonso’s mum didnt pass of an opportunity to point out).

Well skip to Diedre accepting and breaking the news to her parents and Nonso telling his family. Skip to her family coming to Nigeria after alot of convincing ofcourse, then skip to the White wedding in Dubai. Lets not forgwt the family feuds and Diedre finding out of the accidental proposal. Calling off the wedding, her friends and family sticking up and fighting for the love between her and Nonso to the third proposal then the wedding. Alot of memorable scenes in between the skips but I promised no spoilers. I however cannot fail to mention I noticed a chemistry between two cahracters you will never guess which two well see the movie to find out.

Here are my best Moments of TWP2 in no particular order:

  • When Dozie told off his ex
  • When they arrived Dubai
  • Seeing Diedre in Native Yoruba bridal attire😍 and her weddibg dress
  • All the sauce Nonso was giving #noketchup
  • Negiotiang Diedre’s bride price with Harrison #hilarious
  • When Dunni’s mum broke into tears #touchedmyheart
  • Dunni’s mum fussing over her as usual features #hilarious
  • The proposals
  • Diedre’s father emphasis on their family title and link to royalty

I saw TWP2 at Genesis Cinema Warri, Delta State Nigeria at N2000 for a ticket with a complementary popcorn and drink all thanks to the best sister in the world allowing me tag along because I couldn’t miss watching this hilarious movie for anything.

That is all for my review of The Wedding Party 2, yes I predict there will be another wedding party with a very different storyline and I would love to see that in 2018. I advice you see this movie with an open mind without prejudice you will enjoy it better, I have seen alot of negative reviews online and I just want to say admist all the negativity The Wedding Party 2 have raked over a 100 million naira in the first few weeks of premiering so I guess they did something worthwhile right? I mean I agree that I would’ve loved to see more on the couple’s love story before the wedding but let’s not forget it is a movie about Nigerian weddings not marriage or relationship so yeah I can understand why the attention is on the destination of the wedding and the wedding itself. Thats my take yours may be different.

Have you seen this #twp1 and #twp2 ? What do you think of this movie? Should there be a continuation ie. #twp3? Enjoy your Friday😚. Love D.A♥

My first Red Carpet experience.

I have never been on the red carpet, talk more hosting one but on Friday December 17th, 2017 I hosted my very first red carpet and it was an experience. I am very camera shy not many know this, but I think I managed to overcome this when I took on the responsibility of hosting the red carpet at the unveiling of the Coca-Cola Sit out for Bells University. The Sit out is an innovative idea by Coca-Cola for my university in a bid to create a more conductive student learning environment for Bells University students. The construction of the sit out took less than 1 week as workers were tirelessly drilling bottles used to build the sitout. Yes, it is made of bottles how innovative and environmentally sustainable is that? I enjoyed watching the process of putting together this amazing sit out which is the first for students in Nigeria. Also, some students involved themselves fully in the building process alongside the builders. The sit out was unveiled with an event sponsored by Coca-Cola, and they gave away with lots of freebies which included food and drinks and bsckpacks. There was also music, dancing, performances from Artists, the red carpet interviews (by yours truly) and presentations of prizes won. The students of Bells university had alot of fun although I personally think the event would have been better and bigger if that wasn’t hosted on our official closing date for the year so some students werent present bevause they went home already,nevertheless it was nothing short of Amazing! I am still really grateful for the turn out of students especially on the red carpet. Hosting the red carpet has been one of my turning points in 2017, I never thought I would stand in front of so many people and conduct interviews without any prior training. I guess fear is really a thing of the mind and I will be taking this vibe into 2018 like I can do anything through God who gives me strength and glow. I look forward to involving myself in more of public appearances red carpets, speeches and so on. I am super grateful to Coca-Cola (@cocacola_ng) for the opportunity and the CEO Reevmack Concepts for trusting me I hope I didnt let you down and my awesome sisters and few friends I told, for words of encouragement. I love you all💋 I hope next year brings more opportunitiesand challenges to overcome. I couldnt believe my eyes when the pictures started rolling in, I surprised myself by taking on this challenge, this has indeed been a learni g experience. My outfit Usa Tee: Gifted Pant trousers: Thrifted Monster Snackback Fannypack: Thrifted Sandals: Thrifted Accesories: Loop earrings and bracelets (all thrifted) What challenges did you take on in 2017? Did you overcome them and how? Share your thoughts below. Have a wonderful festive celebration and my Christmas blog will be up soon. Love D.A♥

Conflict: When is it okay to walk away?

Happy December! I am always excited every new month. This month I am particularly happy because 2017 is coming to an end finally!! It is barely 20days left and I am so happy for a new year.

With the new year comes new goals and excitements but before that self evaluation is very important. And not just self evaluation also evaluation of the people around you and your relationships. Relationships are full of conflicting issues due to the differences in individual personalities and these misunderstandings can get so heated that you ask if it’s okay to just walk away from the relationship as a whole and when it’s the right time to do so.

Why would you walk away?

Conflicts they say make people come closer but not in every scenario. Sometimes conflicts are the reason people go apart. Haven’t you heard of divorces based on unresolved conflicts and you ask yourself if they loved themselves why on earth couldn’t they resolve their conflicts?

I had something recently happen to me that made me arrive at the conclusion that you may love someone from the depth of your heart but that doesn’t mean you should have them as active members in your life. Sometimes conflicts are unsolved and reoccuring because you are just too different and when the other person is an unwilling party in working on their attitude then the conflicts are bound to be reoccurring.

If you keep fighting and making up just to fight again on the same or similar issues doesn’t bring you together, it tears you apart.

Compromise and understanding are major tools for conflict resolution but sometimes compromise doesn’t mend relationships. The compromising party will feel less and deprived due to the sacrifices being made to keep the relationship going. At a point that party is going to revolt why? Because everyone wants to be treated well and share burdens with others. When this doesn’t happen, it will result to conflicts and disagreements all over again.

But does this mean we shouldn’t fight for our relationships and love?

Walking away doesn’t necessarily mean throwing your love away. A relationship that doesn’t make you happy or a love that only tears you down isn’t supposed to be encouraged anyways. If a particular friend only makes you feel bad about yourself then why would you be dragging that extra baggage.

One of the most difficult things to do is walk away from a friendship or a relationship but when your relationship with someone becomes toxic it eats into you happiness, the best remedy is to walk away.

Will you know when to walk away though? Easier said than done walking away from a relationship even if it is the most dysfunctional experience of your existence.

You know why you should probably put a pause to that relationship but you are too busy deluding yourself that the person will change. I am not saying they can’t change, change is constant in life and anything is possible but being in contact with the person while he/she is still “changing” is not a good idea. You have to protect yourself from the toxicity for the person until they finally change. Like I love you but I will stay way from you for my sanity and my peace of mind. This is necessary.

Think about you and make a decision that will benefit you. If need be pull the plug now, walk away before it’s too late.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? Were you able to walk away or are you still deluding yourself? I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic. Please leave a comment and let’s discuss. Don’t forget to follow the blog. Till next time Love D.A♥.

#ootd: Black x Ankara (incorporating a statement ankara piece)

As an African I love everything cultural and print (it’s in my blood) but I do not have luck with tailors maybe because I am so picky and a perfectionist or maybe because I am a self acclaimed designer and stylist *wink*. Anyways I took tailoring classes so I know what a well made dress is supposed to look like and what it isn’t supposed to look like. Over time I have had several tailors or dressmakers, don’t get me started on my tailor tales but I have honestly made and loosened a lot of clothes in the past and it’s not even funny.

Due to these “horrifcs” I put making Ankara dresses on pause until I can find a dressmaker I can trust or make them myself, but that can’t stop my love for Ankara pieces. Hence I found another way to wear them by incorporating cute Ankara pieces such as assessories into my outfits.

I wear a lot of black because I love the color but recently I have been trying new things like this Ankara tote bag from Afridite (A preorder from an upcoming African brand available soon).

I have been loving this statement Ankara piece for a while now because it is chic and spacious and goes with just about anything. This bag has been a lifesaver and has been one of my fav pieces so far. I incorporated it in my all back outfit for the extra pop and I conducted a little photo session with 3 phone cameras on a Sunday at school. Here are the photographs from my little experiment:

I am currently loving this Ankara piece and yes I carry it almost everywhere it is so easy to carry and so pretty to look at.

Outfit Details:

Pants and Off shoulder top

Nude shoes

Afridite Ankara Tote bag (preorder)

8th son Neck piece

Loops and bracelets

Watch gifted

Do you have a favorite Ankara piece? Do you like the Ankara print? What do you think of my outfit? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Hope you are having a lovely week. Remain blessed and beautiful. Love D.A♥

Food tales: Bibi’s Steak House

Few weeks ago, I spent some quality time with some of my close friends. We went out to dinner at a place called Bibi’s Grill House located at Maryland, Lagos to eat and catch up. We got to reconnect and share good times. Here are short notes of the experience but before the notes let me tell you all a short story. When we got to the mall we decided we wanted to eat so we obviously had to go upstairs. There was an escalator and guess who is terrified of escalators? Me! I was so scared that I couldn’t go upstairs on the escalator I had people looking at me and trust my friends to make a spectacle of the whole incident I had them giving me the motivational talk “Dee it’s easy, you can do it just hold my hand” really? Long story short I used the elevator fam and I was good. Maybe next time I will try the escalator because I really want to overcome this embarrassing fear.

Anyways that said there is the summary of my day at Bibi’s:

Friends: My friends are always fun to be around and we are a bit loud when we hang out. We were a party of 5 (4 ladies 1 guy) honestly we were supposed to be more but some persons didn’t make it unfortunately. How cute are my friends. Meet Pauls (the mackerel) , Inem, Idowu and Iyanu my loves. Bibis‘: Bibis’ Grill House was nice it was a ‘foodventure’ for me because I have never eaten there before although one of our friend’s Paula vouched for the restaurant. It is located upstairs at the Maryland mall and has an open space with tables and chairs Snapchat: oh yes I am back on Snapchat you can add me @dee_awata I took my time to drop a few pictures on Snapchat during the dinner ofcourse my friends where doing the same. Currently loving this filter.

Bloggerlife: now being a blogger is funny sometimes because I love taking pictures and documenting everything, so I wanted to capture our own table arrangement but there was a delay with my food and my friends had to wait for my food to arrive except Inem who kept taking out from her food but in all I know my friends are awesome! And when the food finally arrived I stood up to capture the food arrangement I had people looking at me but my friends just laughed this off because they understand the bloggerlife. Food: My friends ordered different meals one ordered the Shawama, two ordered the chicken and chips, another the grilled fish and potato chips, I was torn between ordering the spaghetti and meatballs and the chicken and smoked plantain chips. I finally ordered grilled chicken with side dish of smoked plantain, which came with a special sauce mixture of spicy and peppery side sauces. I loved the sauce, the plantains looked good and tasted better, the chicken however wasn’t up to my grilled chicken standards but let’s be honest here I have pretty high standards. Our whole meal cost about N8000 or N10000 inclusive of drinks which is really affordable for Uni students who want to have a taste of fantasy food. We took pictures, enjoyed a meal and had awesome conversation. We didn’t want to leave after the meal but we had to. I am giving Bibis’ Steak House a grade B for food and an extra + making it B+ because their service was fairly good and our waiter was hilarious. Hope you had a fun weekend and if you are in Lagos this coming weekend try Bibis’ smoked plantains and grilled chicken or the Mackerel you would love it. Love D.A ♥

#ootd: 5 tips on how to style mom jeans (featuring my birthday outfit)

The Mom Jean trend has been a hit 2017. This piece of clothing which used to be very unfashionable has taken a twist and “not-moms” such as myself and a lot of other fashion icons, celebrities and bloggers have been loving and wearing this. Although so many people love this trend not many know how to pull it off adequately.

So today I will be sharing my 5 Tips to pulling off the mom jean look:

Tip 1: Choose the right size. For me I choosing the right size is everything! choose a size that compliments your figure adequately. I chose a size which was just a bit bigger than my normal size because I wanted the jeans is to be free but not completely baggy. The fit has to be visible and yes it is supposed to make your arrière look nice (wink).

Tip 2: Your waist should be clearly defined. Sometimes the mom jean may be free at the waist because well if we are being honest it’s challenging finding a perfect fit. This was the case with mine so what I did  was I secured that with a belt to ensure my waist is accentuated.

Tip 3: Roll your jeans up to show your ankles this is also an excuse to showcase your shoes. Yassssss hunny!

Tip 4: Pair it with a neutral Color such as white and I also love basic earth tones. So I paired my mom jeans with white this time, you can also try gray, black, browns and also white or go daring and wear something patterned or floral.

Tip 5: Accessorize!! I love accessories and accessorizing your outfit gives it the much needed pop and takes it from basic to trendy.

Bonus tip: Enjoy wearing your comfy pair of jeans. A comfortable pairs of jeans make me happy and  I am sure it will make you happy too. They also look great in pictures! So drag a friend out or stop a stranger on the way to take some photographs. Know what it feels like to be an Instagram influencer or fashion blogger or model while you strut in front of the camera. Just have fun.

So that’s some of my tips on how to rock the mom jeans. I wore it on my birthday because I had classes that day and I needed something that would be both comfy and classy. Here are some pictures of the full outfit:

Mom jean: westport (thrifted)

Bag: Italian Genuine leather (got it from my mom)

Sandals: Thrifted

Top: Dorothy Perkins

Belt: Mrp

Accessories: Gifted (sisters and best friends)

I will definitely be incorporating the mom jeans in my daily choices and styling them in different ways here on the blog. What do you think of this outfit Yay or Nay? What do you like? Hate? Or will change?

Let me go first, if I could change anything on this outfit I will wear a different camisole preferably a white camisole (I couldn’t find mine in the rush that morning) so what are yours? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. I hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Till next time Love D.A♥

Your Money: Let’s talk Money.

The book Smart money woman has been on my reading list for a long time now. I am currently reading it and it has inspired a new series called “Your Money” which will be posted every Friday on the blog under Finance.

It’s your money now let’s talk about it. I am making your money issues mine by talking to you about what? Your money!

Why did I choose Friday? Majority of people spend way more money than necessary during the weekends. Especially in Nigeria where everyone who hates their job or school want to live it up during the weekend. Everyone is guilty of the TGIF feeling which makes you want to splurge now and regret later. I mean why not? Yolo! you actually only live once pop on Friday regret on Monday kind of lifestyle is very common.

Most persons especially millenials “over-spend” due to this lifestyle and in the course of this series we will be dealing with why you should cultivate a good spending habit over the next few weeks. I know a thing or two about money about finance being an accounting major in the university and all so yes you can trust my opinions on the subject matter to an extent (wink).

If you are reading this today and you’re on your way to your weekend spot then I want you to quickly ask yourself these few questions:

  1. Have you paid your utility bills for this month?
  2. Do you have enough food to last you till the end of November?
  3. Do you really need to go out today? I mean do you really need to?

If your answers have been Yes all through then enjoy your Friday outing but don’t overspend. But if your answers have been No or Yes No’s then my candid advice will be to turn the car around or take the next bus, cab or train(if available in your country) to your home. Dont get me wrong i know how stressed you must feel but there’s a better way to deal. You can stop by the store and get yourself ice cream or wine or a bottle of vodka or anything that tickles your fantasy but just one item. Go home enjoy that, see a movie or catch up on your series or music and enjoy a chilled (more prudent) Friday and weekend. This way you can live it up a little without breaking the bank.

Don’t forget to comment your thoughts on this new series. I really hope you like it and can learn one or two things from this (fingers crossed).


On that note have a great weekend. Love D.A♥.

My Thrift tales: Back to school Haul (long overdue)

Remember the back to school shopping rush when you know you’re resuming a new school year and you go shopping (for everything).

When i am out shopping there is always the fight of needs against desire. What I need as against what looks so good I want to buy. If it was me of a few years ago desires would always win but a month ago when I was out shopping for Uni, essentials won over desires because I am getting smart with my money and these are a few items I purchased.


I am not really big on beauty products and makeup buying but in my bid to be more girly and try new things I purchased a few drug store beauty products. I made sure to stick with natural brands because of the sensitivity of my skin. Here is my list of items I ended up with:

1. The kiss beauty Green Tea powder: well my friend recommended this powder to me and since I trust her opinion and it was a more natural product than the others I have purchased in the past it was really good.

2. Davis Colour 18 brow pencils: my sister loves this brow pencils and now I know why they are really smooth and inexpensive. I purchased one for about N200 or so.

3. Aloe Vera Lip Balm ‘aloe lips’: this product is so nice on my lips smooth and refreshing

4. Also Vera Deodorant: I am not a fan of stick deodorants but this one is really nice, prevents bumps also and keeps my sensitive pits fresh

5. Lippies: lipsticks and lip stains of some colors


In the aspect of fashion pieces well I didn’t buy so much because I really didn’t see things I liked but I purchased some really nice items also

1. White blouses: my Uni asked us to incorporate dressing corporate (office like) into our dress code so an obvious excuse to get myself more white blouses. And I rocked one of these white blouses on my birthday.

2. Jellies: now I have loved this sandals from afar for over a year but there was so much craze about it then that I hesitated buying, but when I saw this beauties at a shoe shop I couldn’t walk away like I knew i had to buy them. So I bought not one but two and both cost me about N4000 it think that is a fair price. Or not?

3. Hello Jeans: I bought the most comfortable pair of jeans, which I have been wearing and loving. This jeans fit like a glove and is so comfy for a skinny denim trousers. I also got a boyfriend jeans which I love but this pair was a bit pricey.

That’s all for my back to school haul. I will go thrifting again soonish, but in the meantime what do you think about this particular haul? Are there any pieces you like? Are your essential back to school pieces and your favorite drugstore beauty products? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Enjoy your weekend.

Till next time Love D.A♥

Skincare: Bath time! My current favorites.

Some weeks ago I was opportuned to be present at an event organized by The bloggers Advocates at Lagos “Pulse Blogger meets TBA Nigeria”. It was a very well organized event with lots of brands and bloggers present. I was one of the lucky bloggers to receive some products in my goody bag (you all know how I love goody bags). Anyways I received two Products From Tressbodorganics (@tresbodorganics) which is an all natural skincare brand the black soap and facial toner. So loving everything natural I was very happy and couldn’t wait to try them.

TressbodOrganics Black Soap and Toner Review: I don’t really have a specific soap I use, so trying this black soap was exciting. The smell is super organic I didn’t like it at first but I got used to it. It also has a soothing feel to it.

I have been using this for a over 3 weeks now. Alongside the facial toner and sunburn treatment which I haven’t used as regularly based on the fact that I always forget to because I’m so stressed out from classes that I want a bath and rest. The black soap is so cool to my skin it doesn’t only leave me clean but refreshed.

The soap is in paste form and I usually just scope it into my palm and foam you can clearly see roots and plants in the soap which I love. I usually massage it as all over my body in a small quantity, way before I start having my bath. The facial toner I use after bath (when I remember) it has a sting to it because it is Apple cider vinger based mixed with other natural agents. It leaves my face feeling fresh and oil free.

Semsey Chocolate soap Review:

I have also incorporated the Semsey chocolate soap in my bath routine especially when I have a little time on my hands on Fridays or Saturdays. I love this particular soap because it first of all smells like Chocolate! And I love everything chocolate. It latter’s well but I made a mistake with this product I didn’t keep it away from water so it got a bit soggy, once I noticed it I quickly separated it from water. It has a great feel to it and I definitely feel pampered when I use this product.

EwaAfrican Beauty Pink salt Bar:

The Ewa African Beauty Pink Salt bar is a natural salt bar coined from the himalayas and serves both as a natural deodorant and an exfoilator. It is cool to the skin almost too cold. It leaves a residue which drys up. For application I wet the little part I will be using in water and use the wet part on my skin afterwards I leave it to dry. I noticed it wasn’t like any other deodorant I have used before, funny enough I thought wouldn’t last long but it did to my surprise. For those persons that react to deodorants this is a great replacement and I highly doubt you will react to this because my sensitive skin didn’t react to it. So thumbs up to this product. That’s it for my bath time routine. I really enjoyed sharing this post.

What is your current bath time routine and your current bath washes? Until next time I remain bathing in awesomeness literally Love D.A♥

Standards: Why you should set high standards.

“Keep your heels high and your standards higher”

The above phrase has been one of my favorites for a while now because I strongly believe setting high standards for one’s self is imperative to one’s growth.

A standard is simply a level of quality, attainment or a measure used for comparison. In essence without standards you can’t measure your growth level. Setting standards for every aspect of your life work, food, friends, partners and the quality of relationships you sustain, not just standards but relatively high standards serve as a tool for the purpose of challenging yourself.

Having high standards most times make you feel socially awkward because not everything goes when it comes to you. From the way you react to situations, and the conversations you conduct, food you eat, relationships you allow or do not allow will automatically set you apart from the crowd and not everyone will understand you or your ways and accept them.

Over the years I have met many different people some I liked some not so much and over the years I have received a lot of comments “oh you’re too harsh” “oh you’re proud” and so on from diffrent people. I usually felt bad when I received such comments because I was just trying my best to live my own life not by anyone’s standards but by mine (which I set really high to be honest) but I did it for the purpose of challenging myself. I want so much more out of life so I set goals and high standards to guide me and my growth. However, fact that I didn’t see some things as necessary to my own life back then due to my personal highly set standards didn’t mean I was “proud” or “judgmental”, it only meant I had an idea of what I wanted and what I didn’t want, setting standards based on my goals and I knew it was okay to be odd because I had a goal to achieve and a growth process to undergo so I don’t mind being awkward sometimes .

Now if like me you are get comments that make you feel you should lower your standards to fit in. DON’T! Why? Here are a few reasons why you should set high standards for yourself:

* You have a better idea of who you are: we are all in the growth process but you have a vision of who you want to be in one, two, three years you automatically know there are some things you have to do and some bars to live up to.

* It challenges you: when you have a bar set up high it challenges you to work harder and involve yourself more in achieving your dream.

* Evaluation: you can always measure your growth level against the standards you set for yourself. Your standards will inform your decisions.

* Discipline: restrictions build discipline, you cannot set high standards and achieve your goals and stick to your plans without discipline. A lot has to be forfeited a lot of work has to be done.

Set standards for yourself standards that will push you to do more, live more, be more and teach your kids to set standards for themselves also, so they live their best life. Trust me it will be worth it maybe not now but in the long run. You do not have to go with everything everyone is doing and that’s okay. Standardize your life your relationships and trust me not everyone will meet this standard and that is equally okay. You need individuals relevant to your growth and also individuals you can grow with but not those that bring negativity and try to draw you back. Not everyone is supposed to be in your life and that is truth. As long as you are doing right by God and yourself you’re good.

Let us be about setting high standards for life, love, creativity, and wisdom. If our expectations in these areas are low, we are not likely to experience wellness. Setting high standards makes every day and every decade worth looking forward to” – Greg Anderson

Something to take into November. I hope this post spoke to you. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section and like. Enjoy your weekend. Love D.A♥

October Favorites!

October is usually my favorite Month in the year may be because it is my birth month. October 2017 has been so awesome for me and I am sharing my 5+ favorites for the month as it is coming to an end:

1. Celebrating Milestones: some time in August I shared how I hit my first blog milestones on wordpress, this month I hit 100 plus subscribers/followers and my best day for likes happened this month also.

My heart is full of so much joy. I consider everyone of you that read my blog posts my family and I am so grateful for this little milestones♥. I also grew as a human and as a person.

I also recieved some constructive criticism on my blog and my writing in general. I am just trying to do better and write better. I would like to think I am growing as a blogger and writer.

2. Adventures: this was the month of adventure for me. Starting from the first day of the month I visited the Lekki Conservation Center ( https://deeawata.wordpress.com/2017/10/16/visiting-lekki-conservation-center/), followed by two “foodventures” I had and enjoyed coming on the blog soon. Adventures are about pushing your limits, I really did this month and enjoyed every bit of it.

3. TBA love: my blogger support group have been so supportive. Lol, I know that’s what a support group is about but I can’t even describe their input in my life lately it’s all love and good vibes

4. Collaborations: I collaborated with some brands and a Vlogger on some mini projects and I have been creating content for websites lately also. I can’t wait to share all these experiences and involve in more collaborations it has been so much fun.

5. New Age: I turned 22 on October 30th!

I am super grateful to God Almighty for his Grace upon my life so far. My birthday fell on a school day it was hectic not much fun but I got to hang out with my favorite people briefly. And take some pictures and eat some cake celebrating this new age.

so I can’t even express my joy in words let’s see what this new year has in store for me.

I know God’s got my back♥. With this new month and age I begin new adventures.

6. Life lately: life lately has been hectic, school hasn’t been easy. Sometimes I feel very unmotivated but I have realized I have to pick myself up and do whatever it is I am supposed to do.

But I am grateful for life, and the bond of love and friendship.

These have been my favorite experiences in october how was your October? Share your experiences with me.

Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Love D.A😎😎

Power Of Makeup: From Friends to Twins

I have this gorgeous friend Bolanle Olayinka (@princess.bolanle) we met in Uni and have been friends for over 3 years now, when I met her, I noticed she had a very artistic side coupled with an hilarious nature and a good spirit so we vibed instantly and I love her so much.

Over time this beautiful young lady and myself have created some magic together in the beauty and makeup aspect. I have watched her change careers, grow as a person and a makeup artist (self taught to pro) and now into sharing her work on a larger scale on YouTube as a Vlogger and I couldn’t be happier.

Over time I have been told I look like her and trust me everytime I get that compliment I get so happy literally because I cant get over her gorgeous she is.

Bola and I decided to Collaborate this weekend to create more magic putting out a vlog where she made me look like her.

We took so many pictures especially with our favorite Snapchat filters. The glow was 💥💣😎.

This was a really fun project, we had a great time creating these looks (our Snapchat stories can attest to that).

Here is how the look was created on her YouTube Channel click below: https://youtu.be/i1E5-zx91XE and Watch an hilarious video of us ( I talked and danced through most of it 😆) while she created this makeup look.

What do you think about this look, did we achieve our aim to look alike? Does this makeup suit me? Drop your comments below. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to both our blog and vlog respectively.

Have you a lovely weekend and an awesome week ahead. Love D.A ♥

#ootd: How to slay the classic denim look for fashion week.

Hello lovelies, It’s Lagos Fashion week and I have been catching the fashion week fever. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend although I really wanted to but couldn’t because of school. However, fashion week got me thinking on what I could have worn if I was attending and my mind instantly went to the outfit I wore on my last year’s birthday *a classic denim look*. Last year on my birthday I struggled on what outfit to wear. One because it was my birthday and two because I was going to church on that day which would definitely be crowded just like day one of Lagos fashion week uaually seem to have be in the pictures. Taking all this into consideration I went for a comfy yet classic denim look consisting: a white blouse, denim trousers and brown platform sandals. I love white shirts almost as much as I love black an all black outfit. So picking out this white top was easy for me. This outfit turned out cute and pretty comfy I could even dance at church and take pictures all for long standing minutes and would have definitely suited the Lagos Fashion Week shows. I maybe would have changed the shoes to something more dramatic, done my hair differently and reaccessorize. Or just go for a much more daring denim look like style blogger Hafymo (hafymo.com) did here 6 How do you style your denims for events? Drop your comments, subscribe and like. Enjoy the rest of your week. Love D.A♥

My day at Lekki Conservation Center

Adventure called again and I answered this time I visited the Lekki Conservation Center (LCC) on Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria.

On the 1st of October my country turned 57! And in a bid to celebrate I joined the adventure bandwagon once again, this time with my Blogger network (@thebloggersadvocate) visting LCC and it was awesome!

The day started like any other day but with a bit more excitement from my part because I was exploring somewhere different and I couldn’t wait to start off.

The Lekki Conversation Center is a center for wildlife conservation it’s over 70 hectares of land preserving wildlife and nature. It is really beautiful with a great ambience, and there are lots of fun activities to do.

I knew alot of walking and hiking was going to happen that day so I dressed really comfy a comfortable jeans and blouse with a camisole incase it was too hot and I had to take off the blouse , a comfortable pair of sneakers my backpack to store all my essentials and sunnies to block out the sun rays, my phone, I forgot my mini camera but made do with my phone’s camera. My friend invited herself along to go adventuring ans she became my unofficial photographer for the day the more the merrier.

We arrived few hours behind schedule due to some unforseen circumstances but arrived the Conservation Center in good time got our tickets and got our selves ready for a good hike while awaiting for the rest our group stuck in traffic to arrive. Long story short we finally started our hike of LCC, we were the last persons to go on the hike for that day and the canopy walk. We first took a hike of the bush wooden pathway and later went on the canopy walk in maximum groups of 7 persons for safety purposes.

Now heights is one of my greatest fears in life. Before I started I stood starring at the 1st canopy like okay this isn’t so bad and I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into that day until I did the first walk knowing I was going on a 401m Canopy Walk the next much higher than the last. I remember looking down and almost fainting I was scared shirtless and I wasn’t alone in my fear the other persons in my group of 7 where equally scared I actually had a very lovely lady in my group that was praying out loud and I honestly couldn’t blame her another lady wanted to go back but it was a one way Canopy walk and no turning back. I had thoughts of what if I fall? What if my phone falls? What if my friend falls because I promised her mum we weren’t doing anything so dangerous? But here we were climbing the longest Canopy walk in Africa over trees, crocodile and snake infested waters and swaying in the wind we had to grip and hold on tightly to the ropes. It was really scary trust me. We took little breaks between each canopy walk when we got to “level” ground for a bit before we continued our scarry walk to the end. But after the 3rd or 4th canopy walk I started getting used to the height and actually enjoying myself. So during our breaks we took pictures and just enjoyed the view. From up there the sky looked so beautiful clear and blue.

The walk ended finally but sadly came to an end just when I started enjoying the views.

Although the canopy walk was done with our adventure was hardly over we took a walk round the wooden pathway all the way back along the Bush paths and into an open space where we took more pictures and engaged in more games.nq My day and time at the Conservation Center was mind blowing literally I met new people (amazing bloggers such as Labake, Biba, Chika) and did things I never knew I could do and went home with a Goody bag.

It was awesome. Have I fully conquered my fear of heights? Well I don’t know about “fully” but I have taken major steps in conquering that phobia of mine. I hope you had an exhilarating weekend. And I wish you all and awesome week ahead. It’s Monday so kick some butts till next time Love D.A ♥

Cookie Skin Dermal Repair Review

Hi guys, Have you ever gotten a skin care product that you were skeptical using at first but it ended up obsessing over this happened to me with the Cookie Skin Dermal Repair Cream. I recieved this product as a part of my gift bag and to be completely honest the packaging is really nice but when I read the product name and saw “whitening cream” on it I was really skeptical using it. Why? Because I am anti-bleaching and yes I know “whitening” isn’t bleaching that didn’t stop my fear.wp-image-718973868

I had to do my research and I found out I was only being silly. The Cookie skin Dermal repair cream is not a bleaching cream it is a skin brightening and nourishing dermal repair cream. I have used this product for a total of one week and two days and I have already started seeing changes in my skin! I said previously that I have started another session at Uni and what’s usually synonymous with my skin whenever am at school is breakouts! Why? Because I have super sensitive skin that reacts to any and everything and this school year hasn’t been different until recently I started using the dermal repair. I rub it every morning although I am supposed to do so morning and night I usually forget at night (life of a student) but I have started seeing results already. wp-image--81901100My skin feels  looks better. The spots I got from previous breakouts seem to start fading and I am really excited about this. The Cookie skin Dermal repair is infused with ingredients such as milk and fruit acids as well as Konica and licorice root extracts, vitamins C and B be which are really good for the skin. I am happy about this product, I shall continue using it and updating my review based on the changes I see in my skin from time to time. To check out or order this product you can visit their website http://www.cookieskin.com (UK US Eu)

What’s your current skin care obsession? I have shared mine can’t wait to hear yours don’t forget to leave a comment below. Until next time I continue trying new things Love D.A♥

Sexual Assault rampaging our society

Hello Lovelies, today seems like a good day for a rant so there it is because it pains my heart whenever I pick the newspaper and I see yet another news on sexual assault.

I have noticed a deadly trend of violation of boys, girls children and for crying out loud babies! I ask myself why? What is happening in our society today.

A Rape Culture. What is RAPE? Most of us act like it doesn’t exist but Rape is sexual assault, sexual violation and sexual abuse. It is forcing one’s sexual desires on others taking by force pleasure from another human and hurting them in the process.

What is RAPE culture? These are behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, slut shaming, sexual objectification, trivializing rape, denial of widespread rape, refusing to acknowledge the harm caused by some forms of sexual violence, or some combination of these attitudes. Put simply rape culture is giving excuses for sexual violenece and sadly this is so common today.

Some even claim they didnt know what they were doing I dont buy this because the moment he/she says no to your sexual advances and you force your way. You raped them! Meaning you are a Rapist, a molester and nothing excuses this act.

You have taken something you cannot give back, you have damaged something that cannot be fully repaired. When you rape you kill. You kill a soul, you crush a beautiful spirit under your untamed wicked desires and No there are no excuses.

Now so many people do not like talking or reading about this subject but let’s be real even if for some few minutes. We know it happens you cannot deny the facts which have been so vividly proven in every 10 to 20 people 1 or 2 have been through some sort of sexual abuse or the other.

It has happened to some of us sometimes more than once and these beautifully crushed souls are left with pain and stigma. Like why? Why on earth will someone be stigmatized based on something that happened to them something they didn’t ask for? How in the world is that fair? How in the world is that acceptable? I am wondering in pain as to how many people have suffered from sexual abuse for the years and the stigma they had to face once they spoke up. They become shameful, they hide, it takes years before they find the strength to share and heal and for years they blam themselves and not their molesters, some even try to take their lives because of the stigma.

The Bible says Man’s nature is desperately wicked but I never really understood the height of wickedness until I breached upon this subject. The fact that people are violated by others and some persons think it is “okay”, saying “she asked for it” or “how do boys even get raped?” “She condoned it” etc. makes me quiver as to what kind of world we live in right now. Children are being sexual assaulted daily children as young as babies of 4 months! That’s appalling.

Who protects these weak persons? The law? Which law the one that allows child marriages? The one that persecutes rape within a family with kid gloves? That law oh hell no!

Victims all over the world suffer from lack of justice. This is why the trend continues as some victim become rapists, killers, depressed because they lash out against the world that didn’t protect them from the perverts and it is more common than we think.

I recently was involved in a conversation in my blogger group and extensive conversations about this topic. There are alot of persons out there that need our support, our love, our acceptance. We need to tell them no you are not dirty, it’s not your fault you are golden and don’t let anyone crush that spirit of yours. Easier said than done I know, but a conscious effort needs to be made towards supporting victims, awareness isn’t enough we all need to be actively involved in protecting and healing these victims.

Have your ever been through this or do you know someone who has been through sexual abuse? Kindly share your thoughts as to ways of coping and what you generally think on this subject which unfortunately is the reality of people we know, people we love.

I will be talking more on real life issues and societial problems on the blog from time to time. Until next time dont forget to like and share Have a wonderfully blessed week. All my Love and support D.A♥.

Happiness in a bag

Goody Bag by D’Prince on replay

Hello lovelies, how are you beautiful people doing today? I Hope fine because I am doing great!

I recently hopped on an adventure bandwagon with my blogger network “The Bloggers advocate Nigeria” (@thebloggersadvocate) and I have so much fun!

If you have been active on the blog you will know by now how much I love to do fun things and this outing was ans I can only but thank the network for the opportunity my whole experience on this particular adventure will be up on my blog soon. So no spoilers.

During my hangout I recieved a beautiful Goody Bag as part of my adventure package! Honestly I didn’t know what to expect so immediately I was given the Goody bag I couldn’t wait to start taking pictures of the items.

So let’s dive in😎. First off how cute is this bag like when I saw it, I was like “I’m good if it’s just this bag I get” because it is too cute

The bag contained a few items:

Two pop corn packs: I can’t complain because I love popcorn! These two packs came from two amazing brands Go popcorn which was so yum @gopopcorn and irrestiblegourment @igourmentpopcorn

A packet of Chilli crackers from nibblie time

A pack of mixed nuts from CNC gourment @cncgourment

I also got two amazing skincare products from two amazing skincare brands, the cookie skin night cream and semsey chocolate soap which had so a nice fragrance.


I am over the moon with this goodies and I can’t wait to try them all. Thank you TBA for these amazing goodies.

I’ll be doing reviews on the skin care products soon so watch out! Till next time I will be trying out my products. Love D.A ♥