Guiding your heart from Hurt

“The walls we put up to protect us from the world may be the walls that suffocate us. The walls we break down to let the world in, may become the stones picked up and hauled at us to hurt us. Guard your secrets. Secure your heart but not from yourself”-DeeAwata.

We all have loved and we all have lost and we at one point in time decide to close our hearts to the hurt that comes with loss of love, hence we build up walls and we set unreasonable standards by which we start living by. Day in Day out we refuse our hearts the option of experiencing the beauty that is love and after a while we become stuck up due to the suffocation that happens within our souls and unhappiness and depression creeps up into our lives. Before we realise years have gone by, we don’t notice this because we live in a self created prison where the walls are too high to smell fresh fragrances of flowers and breathe in fresh air, but we are stuck living in a perpetual loveless darkness that we call our lives. The protective walls we put up become our suffocative doom and we are left in a hollow of nothingness void of emotions.

Break the walls around you before this becomes your reality, before you lose the beauty, before you loose the fresh air, before you live in perpetual depression. Yes you have been hurt and you may be hurt again. Although you deserve the happiness you dream to have, you deserve the freedom and the opportunities if your walls are so high up how will you see the opportunity, experience the freedom and feel the happiness? Guard yourself but not to the detriment of yourself..

Till next Time, I remain Me xxx…


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