Uniquely πŸ”† You

Most times we sell ourselves short. Why? because we are not aware of how unique we are as individuals, we are scared of standing alone and this is why we never stand out we blend into the groups and the crowds we place ourselves in to hide ourselves in the guise of making meaning to our lives. Why do we do this? because of fear.

Fear of uncertainty, fear of standing alone, fear of failure, fear of disappointment and so many other fears we formulate as excuses which inevitably restricts us from embarking on our uniquely designed life paths or journeys. So what if you’re a slow learner, slow and steady wins the race. So what if everyone laughs at you people always condemn what they cannot understand you are not to be understood you are to be loved. Do not tone down your uniqueness to fit in, we are not all made to fit into a perfect group, the LORD made us differently and uniquely in his multi talented, multi innovative image this is why some of us are the creatives and the innovators and others the implementors, we all have our roles to play and different lives to live.

So own whatever it is that makes you, You. Uniquely You.Always remember Just as our DNAs are beautifully uniquely formed you are unique in all ramifications so kick butt this Week. Blessed.

Till next Time. I remain Uniquely Me. xxx…

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