On the streets of Lagos with Canon (A review)

I have always had a profound love for photography. And I, being one to not pass up a good opportunity I explored street photography with Canon in April 2017.InShot_20170701_225329.jpg

I was one of the few people opportuned to attend the Canon Niphec Selphy Street Photography Workshop that held on the 29th and 30th of April 2017.InShot_20170629_153514.jpg

This event held at the African Artist Foundation. It was a two days event and here is my review.

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So one fateful day in March I was scrolling through my Instagram page(@destiny_awata) per usual and I saw a canon advertisement concerning street photography I was interested so I clicked the link which redirected me to the website where I applied to attend. I wasn’t sure if I would get accepted when I applied but I hoped I would.

I received an acceptance mail some weeks later and I was beyond excited to do this although I have never done street photography before.

Day 1: 29th, Apirl 2017


Day one was an experience. It was divided into two the class and practical. The class was where an expert  Street Photographer tutored us on tricks and tips involved in street photography. He taught use about lens and cameras and how it all works together he also taught us about angles and how they affect the image I learnt alot.

Right after our lecture we where given our own cameras for the day, a Canon EOS 650D which I am currently in-love with (birthday present suggestion) and after we got our cameras we were taken into the streets of Lagos for some practical. We had a theme “Protraying Lagos in a positive light” and we went to work.

Honestly, when people say street photography you think its taking random pictures on the streets yeah? So I thought also it goes way beyond that after my Day I had a new found love and respect for photographers especially street photographers.

We were divided into groups and each group had an instructor mine was a beautiful street photographer Nyanche who guided us.

InShot_20170701_230435.jpgStreet photography wasn’t as easy as I presumed it would. On the streets people weren’t all that receptive of us and our cameras, some even got agressive towards us.InShot_20170407_215904 I had a few experiences where someone attacked me because they thought I was a journalist taking their picture. I can’t go into details of the ordeal but they are very many violent people out there. If you are a Nigerian you can understand but if you are  a Lagosian you can relate 100%.InShot_20170407_215758

However, some people wanted their pictures taken and were receptive of us and those where the little wins that kept me going the few strangers that smiled to my camera and allowed me click away. All in all I had a wonderful experience.

Day 2: 30th April, 2017

InShot_20170701_230803Day 2 was the award ceremony when we were given our cerficates of participation and outstanding students where recognized and awarded according. I had a very nice experience it was indeed an informative adventure. InShot_20170701_225715.jpgMy only regret was that I didn’t take a flash drive along with me and my phone’s storage wasn’t big enough to take the pictures I took the pervious day so I left with just 4 printed photographs which I cherish. I will definitely venture further into  photography related a and keep you all posted.


The Canon Niphec Selphy Street Photography workshop holds every year so it is something to look forward to also Canon hosts lots of events in Africa and beyond so get involved!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Kindly like and share with friends till next time I remain picture perfect me💓


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