Just Believe…

I have been down lately, spiritually and emotionally down. This usually happens when I set a goal and do not achieve it. Sometime ago an abide reader of my articles told me I write like a princess without a care in the world I smiled at that and  said in this gorry world one has to look upon the positive side to life or you will be consumed by sadness. Remembering how I encourage others to stay positive reminds me that I can’t loose to negativity. You have to believe you will be better and you will overcome.
Do you believe? Or do you need to see before you believe. Recently I was reacquitted with an old contact who I haven’t seen in tons of years and the one thing that struck me about the way he spoke of his life and the trials and tribulations he has passed through was the lack of belief I felt from him, he didn’t believe he could be better and  that things would change positively he welt on the negative so.much that he was consumed by anguish. 

We all go through trials peculiar to our lives and destinies and our goals seem futher and futher away and harder to achieve. It is difficult I know but to keep trying to keep telling ourselves yes we can! But we have to. Why? Because the moment we give up we have signed up for a life of torment and unhappiness and no on wants to live like that.

Positivity gives us Hope and hope gives us a future so whatever you are passing through right now it is only for a while you are strong, you are awesome beyond words, get up show up and do your best. Just believe and you will.

Please share positivity every day everywhere. Love D.A xx.


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