Purpose, Plan and Timing: Purpose.

Hello lovelies, today I will be starting a three part mini series Purpose, Plan and Timing. Firstly I will focused on Purpose.#142 Quote

So what is Purpose? It’s a word we all have used and we all know but what is Purpose? Purpose is an object to be reached, a goal, an aim or a target. Do you know your overall purpose in Life? Do you know your aim? Do you have a target? Do you know who you are supposed to be? These are valid questions we should all ask ourselves.

Although we are all on the path of self discovery we ought to ask ourselves what is my purpose? Why am I on this earth? What is my target? My aim what am I supposed to do is there a reason I am alive. Having an end goal or target that drives us gives our lives meaning its what makes us get up every morning. Only when we discover our purpose only then we start living.

Stop existing start living a life with a purpose. Till next time I keep on the path of self discovery Love D.A💕



  1. Loved this & you are so right – I struggle with seeing my true purpose on being alive. I worry I’m mot making the most of my life & have so much anxiety over career path and truly making a difference. It’s something I always struggle with xx

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