When in doubt (black and camo) Brunch Date with Paula…

Hello lovelies, today still on my causal day outfits, I will be talking on how I mixed the bandana fashion comback with my own all black laid back under the weather fashion. That’s a mouthful I know I love stringing words together :). First off, I didn’t plan on wearing this outfit I woke up feeling a little under the weather and I couldn’t cancel my shopping and brunch plans with my best girl Paulz (@__zenny all pictures of me photographed by her), I just had to quickly throw something on and go out on the town lol.InShot_20170702_000316.jpg

The outfit I previously had in mind was less causual more fun but I opted for my super comfy black pants, camisole and black sweater. InShot_20170702_000400.jpg

I was too tired to pack my braids( if you ever carried braids you will understand the struggle) so I let them down and tied them in place with my camo bandana (one of my favorite fashion staples right now you will definitely be seeing more of it), minimal jewelry as usual and my archoke chain bag. The day was fun we did a little shopping ate at a very nice place and I was glad I opted for a more comfortable look, I felt cute and relaxed took pictures and had the best icecream.InShot_20170701_225831.jpgInShot_20170701_225817.jpg

Have you ever had the get your butt out of bed and dress up? What’s your go to comfy just got out of bed look? Hope you enjoyed this short post, I will be bringing more on my fashion choices and back stories. Do have a lovely weekend.InShot_20170702_000222.jpg

Till next time I remain making clothing decisions to suit my mood. Love D.A💕


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