Exploring African Artists’ Foundation…

Hello Lovelies,
A few months back I was at the African Artists foundation and here is my take.
The African Artist Foundation was established in 2007 a non profit organization with the aim of preserving African Art and encourage the highest standard of art in Africa.IMG_20170429_151053.jpg It serves a significant role in art and academic communities through organizing art exhibitions, festivals, competitions, residencies, and workshops with the aim of unearthing and developing talent, creating societal awareness, and providing a platform to express creativity.IMG_20170430_162553.jpgIMG_20170429_123323.jpg
The Artists’ Foundation is located at No. 3b Isiola Oyekan closeOff Adeleke Adedoyin StreetOff Kofo Abayomi StreetVictoria Island, Lagos and is open Monday – Friday: 10:00 to 17:00, Saturday: 12:00 to 16:00 closed on Sunday.IMG_20170429_123447.jpgIMG_20170429_123601.jpgIMG_20170429_123402.jpg
All up until now I didnt know we had such a place in Nigeria until I was opportuned to visit. The African Art Foundation promotes Art and Photography as I saw a lot of creatively snapped photographs, paintings and sculptures.IMG_20170430_160412.jpgIMG_20170430_160425.jpg
I was really impressed by the art and photography works they were both highly creative and cultural I took few pictures however I couldn’t take any photographs with the art because I am really shy to ask strangers to take photographs of me it was all in all a great experience and I don’t regret visiting alone, although next time I would love to visit with my sisters or friends and take lots of pictures :).IMG_20170430_163505~2.jpg
I have been struggling to get this post out glad I finally got around doing it share your thoughts on this post. Have you ever visited a place like this? If you have what was your experience like? If you haven’t will you like to? Don’t forget to like, comment and share.
Till next time. I remain me Love D.A💕


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