Spaghetti and Pirates…

Hello lovelies,

Unto my second food blog ever! So I ate a very delicious and inexpensive meal when I was out seeing movies with my sisters. We had a fun day at the mall ice cream, dress fitting and did I mention we saw Pirates of the Caribbean the last part.InShot_20170614_181309~2

Spaghetti: I loved this meal it was spicy, delicious and inexpensive hence I enjoyed every bit and the chicken was crusty absolutely loved itIMG_20170613_163628.jpg

Priates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was super thrilling  Jack sparrow as always brought the humor and the storylinehad suspense and action no spoiler here but I was at the edge of my seat through out the movie. Little confession I am one of those annoying people that shout, laugh and predict through out the movie like my friends always complain but I was so happy I went with my sisters because we laughed and predicted together it was super fun.

Dress Fitting and ice cream: I love dress fitting and changing into different outfits in changing rooms actually I love everything about shopping so it was super fun especially doing it with my sisters!


It’s weekend soon and you may deciding what to do, well you can see a movie and “pop” popcorn and just have a super chilled time like we did. So what are your weekend plans???? Love D.A💕


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