August Favs…

Hello lovelies,

So its a new month!!! (Doing my little dance) I am beyond estatic I can scream okay I already did lol.

August was an awesome month for me I hope it was for you also! Today  I am sharing my August Favs with you all so here are the top 5 things that happened in August

1. Driver here say what! So last month I shared I will be taking driving lessons and guess what I’m all done and a certified driver yassss (little dance) Screenshot_20170901-203919~2.png

2. 5000+ instafam Yes my instagram family expanded to 5000 plus and I am so happy to share content here and on Instagram my social media growth isn’t about the number but about the beautiful souls I connect with daily. You can join this family ( follow @deeawata) lets connect!IMG_20170827_012502_091

3. My WordPress family expanded: I celebrated my first 500likes on here and 50+ subscribers I can’t thank you enough I am so happy thanks for the likes and comments I have met so many awesome humans through their blogs and I am so happy for the opportunity  and I would love to connect more with all of you so if you want to shoot me a personal message on my email and we can connect more. Happy for these milestones.Screenshot_20170828-194203~2

4. My skin Yasss! Last month I shared a skin care product I am totally obsessing over and currently using PureTropix.Africa an all natural skin care brand you can check them out because my glow lately have been A+ IMG_20170819_092348_693

5. Peace of mind: although august was a busy month for me I have been so a peace with myself and I have God to thank for that because my level of focus and spiritual growth is higher and I’m all the better and Happier

6. Reconnecting: I reconnected with some old contacts and it made me realize how far I have come and how far I want to go. It also made me appreciate staying on the right path against all odds because God always favours his kids and I happen to be one of his favs lol.

7. Music August have so far been my music month I have discovered so many turnt music some Nigerian and some foreign especially trap yes I like the trending Cardi B’s song especially the Latin version.

That’s it for August its been good but unto the next September!! ( doing my dance again). I have new goals to set, new asses to kick and so many things to do. Time to execute plans and live I’ll definitely be sharing all on my Instagram and on here. So how was August and what do you have planned for September???? Till next time have a lovely new month and shine. Love D.A.


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