Ootd: Lace and Pants.

Hello lovelies,

Starting this beautiful ember month with Lacey tops and high waist pants. Firstly a little story time so some I had to attend a social function with my mum as her one woman entourage if you know what I mean, so I had to look well up to standard because my mum is so fashionable.IMG_20170806_090953.jpg

Back to Lace, I love lace I think its so sophisticated and what not 🙂 Anyways I’m the girl that loves lace, silk and linen I just love those articles of clothing so when I saw this lace top in my sister’s closet I just had to try it on and guess what it fit! My “Twinnie” as I call her let me wear it and it was so amazing. This blouse was not only Lacey it was clourful I don’t usually like wearing bright clothes but I liked how this one looked on me. IMG_20170806_091000.jpg

I paired it with my one of my black high waisted pants you all know I love pants, a black purse and my nude and black shoes. Keeping jewelry to a minimum an earring and a couple of bangles I pulled my braids back to not take the attention from my top. All that done off I went to a social gathering with my mum. IMG_20170806_091143.jpg

I think I totally nailed this easy classy look because when my sister saw the pictures from that day she was like “gurl you look so good you can keep that blouse” I couldn’t be happier.

What do you think yay or nay? Did I nail it? Share your thoughts also what is your favorite article of clothing and why? I will be looking forward to hear your opinions on this outfit. Till next time Love D.A💕


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