Issa Vibe…

Hello lovelies,

Disclaimer: if you are reading this you have seen another awesome week and I am so happy you did! 😁

Today on Monday, Lifestyle and Motivation I will be talking on vibes. I know this word is so social media but for those that do not not know:

Vibe: An atmosphere or aura felt to belong to a person, place or thing; to relax and enjoy one’s self.

Growing up I learnt to trust my “vibe” when I got to a new place or met new people I instantly know in my spirit when I was at the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Some call it your instincts that’s also accurate. I have relied on my vibe so much that the moment I meet new persons if I vibe with them we instantly become friends.

And if we dont I found out after a while that we weren’t compartible in many senses. My vibe tells me when to be comfortable in a place or with Person and when not to. I have met a few individuals that I personally don’t vibe with because my instincts tell me automatically to be weary of them at first I feel bad because I didn’t know why I felt negative energy from them but in few weeks or months I notice why I never vibed with them to begin with some I still have to interact with despite my reservations professionally and otherwise.

There are many dangerous people out there in disguise so you have to be alert as to who you associate with, the world isn’t all rainbows and Sunshine’s I wish it was but it isn’t so when you meet someone and you are getting really nagetive vibes from them be careful sometimes it may be your brain being hyper active sometimes its your spirit recognizing and rejecting theirs it happens.

There are some adverse effects on trusting just your instincts 100% how? Sometimes you may be wrong! Your brain collide your instincts mess some things up happens rarely . Like I could be at the right place at the right time but my brain questions me “how are you a hundred percent sure this is where you should be?” then I start doubting my decision. Honestly that confuses me but I have learnt to curb my senses and trust my vibes 70% of the time and use my brain 30%

My basic message today is trust your vibes, your instincts rarely fail you. You will always know when you are happy being where you are, doing what you are do, being who you are or being with a particular person because at the end of the day you Own your feelings and you know your own happiness. No one can truly tell you when you are happy because it’s something that lies within our heart. Trust your instincts and use your head also (if this makes any sense). And be happy because only you can make you happy so trust your vibes and do what you love. Have a lovely week guys Love D.A💕

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