#Ootd: Back in Print!

Hello lovelies,

Today on Fashion I am bringing back print!!!! Well if you have been following my fashion posts you will have noticed I am really comfy with my choice of clothing and I love pants have so many of them but today I’ll be doing something seriously different. As different as a skirt yes guys I own a few lol.

Back Story: Last post on fashion I spoke about my very fashionable mama yeah she got me this skirt and I hated it. Like for real I loathed this skirt so much I put it under my box plotting to get rid of it but I never could due to sentimentality I mean my mama bought it in love for me.IMG_20170305_103743~2.jpg

Rediscovery: I rediscovered this skirt one day I was arranging my school wardrobe, I didn’t even realize I took it along to Uni.

Decision: upon rediscovery I decided to wear it because I just admired how classy the skirt is in itself (something I never noticed before) and I was like you can’t gift this out (being as that this was my plan initially) So I decided to keep it and wear it.


Styling Choices: Even if it the skirt was in my favorite color “black” the white print on it as seen is rather elaborate I had to take this into consideration when styling my outfit and picking out my shoes also.IMG_20170305_103732~2.jpg

I went with simple and I wanted to try something new so I wore my light blue denim with it since the colors didn’t contrast and I decided to add my two tone shoes honestly because I felt like having fun with the outfit and minimal accessories .IMG_20170305_103721.jpg

So that’s my story on how I styled this outfit and my number one tip to styling prints is to stick to the basic colors.

Don’t forget to like share and comment your thoughts and honest opinions on this particular outfit. IMG_20170305_103710.jpgTill next time I remain putting pieces together. Love D.A💕


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