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It’s yet another week I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Today’s topic is Procrastinating before I start talking on this I’ll just let you all know that I am currently suffering from the sly illness that is Procastination. Dont get me wrong I am a hard worker I break my back and do the needed but recalling my post on planing when I talked about how my Dad pasted notes which had little quotes on them around the house  in rooms, corridors, doors while growing up, one of these quotes was as I vividly remember “don’t postpone what can be done now till later” this stuck because I was a “professional” procrastinator I did things so last minute I don’t know why I did back then and why I still do it sometimes, maybe the rush and adrenaline I feel when I know I have a dealine to meet and very little time to meet it I feel so happy when I actually meet this deadline after hours of none stop vigorous work its crazy I know but I feel like I ‘achieved’ something and this encouraged the  habit of procrastinating.

Procrastination is the feeling that you can always get your goal acheived in time so you don’t do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it. Up until recently I saw absolutely nothing wrong with this I mean if I am fine and get my work done then what’s the problem? But there is a problem procrastination do not only affect your quality of work, it affects your mindset also. As a student I have come to realize the hard way that procrastinating is very dangerous. Rushing to make a deadline to turn in a project or an assignment can be so nerve wrecking sometimes I almost faint with anxiety. I have also learnt that procrastinating isn’t having good work ethic and to be successful one has to be very up and doing. And be an excellent time manager and to never act against your better judgement because if you postpone a task you are supposed to do now till tomorrow, tomorrow’s tasks will add to your procrastinated tasks hence you have more tasks less time to execute them and what does that profit you at the end of the day? I guess not. 

I know easier said than done I totally understand that phrase I am a living proof of that phrase take for example I have blog posts to write up, post and promote, I have to prepare my soul and spirit for the next school year, I’m currently packing for Uni, also have content to create and a chapter in my final project that have have postponed for over a month because the deadline wasn’t imminent then but it is now, and I have barely 3 days to sort myself out because I have a shit load of work I have postponed due to lack of motivation, other work preoccupying me, actually excuses because I would have been able to get those done but because I was in “holiday mode” I decided what the heck I will do it tomorrow and tomorrow never ends. So next time will I try that again I think not because I will have to pay with my sleep and peace of mind until I get it all done and that is not something I enjoy doing at all. My point is just like the quote on the door of my room read while growing up said don’t postpone whatbyou can do now  till later because it has a whole lot of side effects and for your peace of mind no its not enough to be a good planner, executor of plans but we all gave to be time cautious in our goal orientation. Just as the great Charles Dickens said Procrastination is a thief of time collar him!

I hope I have impacted a little today and don’t forget to like, share, subscribe to my blog for more posts and feel free to comment your thoughts on this weeks Topic until next time I remain me trying to get my act together and in good time. Love D.A💕


  1. I know this all too well! I’ve found old to-do lists in the notes of my phone, and sometimes it makes me sad or even mad at myself- but mostly I just laugh it off and do everything at once haha

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