Hello lovelies, How was your last week so sorry I have been so busy I haven’t posted as consistently as I would want to. So I have good and bad news which do you want first? Hmmmm, okay the bad news the bad news is that in as much as I want to be consistent on this blog I won’t be able to meet up for a while because of the good news. Now the good news is I have finally resumed my last year of College God willing yes in the next few months I will undergo a series of processes that will take me to finally graduating college with a BSc in Accounting I can’t wait to be honest God has been too faithful. I have a lot of course work and school WORK I will try to balance it to the best of my ability to keep up consistency, I really hope to be able to get out at least one post per week as these weeks go by. It’s Monday and as usual I want to talk about briefly on LIFE. Well we are all living things, we eat, breathe, share and feel life happens to us with or without our permission but live we must.

Life has different stages and phases so I believe we should get with the changes and embrace them. However sometimes life just takes over we are stressed and we barely have time for ourselves talk more others and we don’t know what to do. Always believe this phase will pass just like the other phases have this will also. So therefore having that conviction in your heart you can try to find the balance and just live your life and if taking a break from it all helps then that is what you must do take your much needed break get your mind right all and live just as I have decided to you should too. What are your takes on living and life and how do you deal with Life itself? Kindly share with me. By the way I am very grateful and thankful for all those who have joined me on this journey of opinions and experiences and I have a lot more to share so thank you and keep on subscribing liking and sharing. Do have a blessed week I remain me trying to find the balance in this chaos that is my life. Love D.A💋


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