Cookie Skin Dermal Repair Review

Hi guys, Have you ever gotten a skin care product that you were skeptical using at first but it ended up obsessing over this happened to me with the Cookie Skin Dermal Repair Cream. I recieved this product as a part of my gift bag and to be completely honest the packaging is really nice but when I read the product name and saw “whitening cream” on it I was really skeptical using it. Why? Because I am anti-bleaching and yes I know “whitening” isn’t bleaching that didn’t stop my fear.wp-image-718973868

I had to do my research and I found out I was only being silly. The Cookie skin Dermal repair cream is not a bleaching cream it is a skin brightening and nourishing dermal repair cream. I have used this product for a total of one week and two days and I have already started seeing changes in my skin! I said previously that I have started another session at Uni and what’s usually synonymous with my skin whenever am at school is breakouts! Why? Because I have super sensitive skin that reacts to any and everything and this school year hasn’t been different until recently I started using the dermal repair. I rub it every morning although I am supposed to do so morning and night I usually forget at night (life of a student) but I have started seeing results already. wp-image--81901100My skin feels  looks better. The spots I got from previous breakouts seem to start fading and I am really excited about this. The Cookie skin Dermal repair is infused with ingredients such as milk and fruit acids as well as Konica and licorice root extracts, vitamins C and B be which are really good for the skin. I am happy about this product, I shall continue using it and updating my review based on the changes I see in my skin from time to time. To check out or order this product you can visit their website (UK US Eu)

What’s your current skin care obsession? I have shared mine can’t wait to hear yours don’t forget to leave a comment below. Until next time I continue trying new things Love D.A♥


  1. Dee..thanks for this post. I have always wanted to buy this product but am also skeptical about it. And I don’t have anyone who has used it before so I just didn’t buy it…but now I think since it works for you, then it can work for me too.

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