Your Money: Let’s talk Money.

The book Smart money woman has been on my reading list for a long time now. I am currently reading it and it has inspired a new series called “Your Money” which will be posted every Friday on the blog under Finance.

It’s your money now let’s talk about it. I am making your money issues mine by talking to you about what? Your money!

Why did I choose Friday? Majority of people spend way more money than necessary during the weekends. Especially in Nigeria where everyone who hates their job or school want to live it up during the weekend. Everyone is guilty of the TGIF feeling which makes you want to splurge now and regret later. I mean why not? Yolo! you actually only live once pop on Friday regret on Monday kind of lifestyle is very common.

Most persons especially millenials “over-spend” due to this lifestyle and in the course of this series we will be dealing with why you should cultivate a good spending habit over the next few weeks. I know a thing or two about money about finance being an accounting major in the university and all so yes you can trust my opinions on the subject matter to an extent (wink).

If you are reading this today and you’re on your way to your weekend spot then I want you to quickly ask yourself these few questions:

  1. Have you paid your utility bills for this month?
  2. Do you have enough food to last you till the end of November?
  3. Do you really need to go out today? I mean do you really need to?

If your answers have been Yes all through then enjoy your Friday outing but don’t overspend. But if your answers have been No or Yes No’s then my candid advice will be to turn the car around or take the next bus, cab or train(if available in your country) to your home. Dont get me wrong i know how stressed you must feel but there’s a better way to deal. You can stop by the store and get yourself ice cream or wine or a bottle of vodka or anything that tickles your fantasy but just one item. Go home enjoy that, see a movie or catch up on your series or music and enjoy a chilled (more prudent) Friday and weekend. This way you can live it up a little without breaking the bank.

Don’t forget to comment your thoughts on this new series. I really hope you like it and can learn one or two things from this (fingers crossed).


On that note have a great weekend. Love D.A♥.


  1. I love the series tittle, it’s money 😊. 🙌🏾 to the smart money women gang, the book is super cool, I shared my two cents on it also. People are beginning to say Thursday is the new Friday, they just want additional enjoyment meaning more money spending. Let me sip tea in my house counting my money


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