Food tales: Bibi’s Steak House

Few weeks ago, I spent some quality time with some of my close friends. We went out to dinner at a place called Bibi’s Grill House located at Maryland, Lagos to eat and catch up. We got to reconnect and share good times. Here are short notes of the experience but before the notes let me tell you all a short story. When we got to the mall we decided we wanted to eat so we obviously had to go upstairs. There was an escalator and guess who is terrified of escalators? Me! I was so scared that I couldn’t go upstairs on the escalator I had people looking at me and trust my friends to make a spectacle of the whole incident I had them giving me the motivational talk “Dee it’s easy, you can do it just hold my hand” really? Long story short I used the elevator fam and I was good. Maybe next time I will try the escalator because I really want to overcome this embarrassing fear.

Anyways that said there is the summary of my day at Bibi’s:

Friends: My friends are always fun to be around and we are a bit loud when we hang out. We were a party of 5 (4 ladies 1 guy) honestly we were supposed to be more but some persons didn’t make it unfortunately. How cute are my friends. Meet Pauls (the mackerel) , Inem, Idowu and Iyanu my loves. Bibis‘: Bibis’ Grill House was nice it was a ‘foodventure’ for me because I have never eaten there before although one of our friend’s Paula vouched for the restaurant. It is located upstairs at the Maryland mall and has an open space with tables and chairs Snapchat: oh yes I am back on Snapchat you can add me @dee_awata I took my time to drop a few pictures on Snapchat during the dinner ofcourse my friends where doing the same. Currently loving this filter.

Bloggerlife: now being a blogger is funny sometimes because I love taking pictures and documenting everything, so I wanted to capture our own table arrangement but there was a delay with my food and my friends had to wait for my food to arrive except Inem who kept taking out from her food but in all I know my friends are awesome! And when the food finally arrived I stood up to capture the food arrangement I had people looking at me but my friends just laughed this off because they understand the bloggerlife. Food: My friends ordered different meals one ordered the Shawama, two ordered the chicken and chips, another the grilled fish and potato chips, I was torn between ordering the spaghetti and meatballs and the chicken and smoked plantain chips. I finally ordered grilled chicken with side dish of smoked plantain, which came with a special sauce mixture of spicy and peppery side sauces. I loved the sauce, the plantains looked good and tasted better, the chicken however wasn’t up to my grilled chicken standards but let’s be honest here I have pretty high standards. Our whole meal cost about N8000 or N10000 inclusive of drinks which is really affordable for Uni students who want to have a taste of fantasy food. We took pictures, enjoyed a meal and had awesome conversation. We didn’t want to leave after the meal but we had to. I am giving Bibis’ Steak House a grade B for food and an extra + making it B+ because their service was fairly good and our waiter was hilarious. Hope you had a fun weekend and if you are in Lagos this coming weekend try Bibis’ smoked plantains and grilled chicken or the Mackerel you would love it. Love D.A ♥


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