#ootd: Black x Ankara (incorporating a statement ankara piece)

As an African I love everything cultural and print (it’s in my blood) but I do not have luck with tailors maybe because I am so picky and a perfectionist or maybe because I am a self acclaimed designer and stylist *wink*. Anyways I took tailoring classes so I know what a well made dress is supposed to look like and what it isn’t supposed to look like. Over time I have had several tailors or dressmakers, don’t get me started on my tailor tales but I have honestly made and loosened a lot of clothes in the past and it’s not even funny.

Due to these “horrifcs” I put making Ankara dresses on pause until I can find a dressmaker I can trust or make them myself, but that can’t stop my love for Ankara pieces. Hence I found another way to wear them by incorporating cute Ankara pieces such as assessories into my outfits.

I wear a lot of black because I love the color but recently I have been trying new things like this Ankara tote bag from Afridite (A preorder from an upcoming African brand available soon).

I have been loving this statement Ankara piece for a while now because it is chic and spacious and goes with just about anything. This bag has been a lifesaver and has been one of my fav pieces so far. I incorporated it in my all back outfit for the extra pop and I conducted a little photo session with 3 phone cameras on a Sunday at school. Here are the photographs from my little experiment:

I am currently loving this Ankara piece and yes I carry it almost everywhere it is so easy to carry and so pretty to look at.

Outfit Details:

Pants and Off shoulder top

Nude shoes

Afridite Ankara Tote bag (preorder)

8th son Neck piece

Loops and bracelets

Watch gifted

Do you have a favorite Ankara piece? Do you like the Ankara print? What do you think of my outfit? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Hope you are having a lovely week. Remain blessed and beautiful. Love D.A♥


  1. I love black cus I don’t have to put in too much effort to look good.
    Black looks good on you.
    I never had luck with tailors untill recently and she did really well.
    Perhaps it was because I went with 2 family members to beg her to sew it well.

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