Conflict: When is it okay to walk away?

Happy December! I am always excited every new month. This month I am particularly happy because 2017 is coming to an end finally!! It is barely 20days left and I am so happy for a new year.

With the new year comes new goals and excitements but before that self evaluation is very important. And not just self evaluation also evaluation of the people around you and your relationships. Relationships are full of conflicting issues due to the differences in individual personalities and these misunderstandings can get so heated that you ask if it’s okay to just walk away from the relationship as a whole and when it’s the right time to do so.

Why would you walk away?

Conflicts they say make people come closer but not in every scenario. Sometimes conflicts are the reason people go apart. Haven’t you heard of divorces based on unresolved conflicts and you ask yourself if they loved themselves why on earth couldn’t they resolve their conflicts?

I had something recently happen to me that made me arrive at the conclusion that you may love someone from the depth of your heart but that doesn’t mean you should have them as active members in your life. Sometimes conflicts are unsolved and reoccuring because you are just too different and when the other person is an unwilling party in working on their attitude then the conflicts are bound to be reoccurring.

If you keep fighting and making up just to fight again on the same or similar issues doesn’t bring you together, it tears you apart.

Compromise and understanding are major tools for conflict resolution but sometimes compromise doesn’t mend relationships. The compromising party will feel less and deprived due to the sacrifices being made to keep the relationship going. At a point that party is going to revolt why? Because everyone wants to be treated well and share burdens with others. When this doesn’t happen, it will result to conflicts and disagreements all over again.

But does this mean we shouldn’t fight for our relationships and love?

Walking away doesn’t necessarily mean throwing your love away. A relationship that doesn’t make you happy or a love that only tears you down isn’t supposed to be encouraged anyways. If a particular friend only makes you feel bad about yourself then why would you be dragging that extra baggage.

One of the most difficult things to do is walk away from a friendship or a relationship but when your relationship with someone becomes toxic it eats into you happiness, the best remedy is to walk away.

Will you know when to walk away though? Easier said than done walking away from a relationship even if it is the most dysfunctional experience of your existence.

You know why you should probably put a pause to that relationship but you are too busy deluding yourself that the person will change. I am not saying they can’t change, change is constant in life and anything is possible but being in contact with the person while he/she is still “changing” is not a good idea. You have to protect yourself from the toxicity for the person until they finally change. Like I love you but I will stay way from you for my sanity and my peace of mind. This is necessary.

Think about you and make a decision that will benefit you. If need be pull the plug now, walk away before it’s too late.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? Were you able to walk away or are you still deluding yourself? I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic. Please leave a comment and let’s discuss. Don’t forget to follow the blog. Till next time Love D.A♥.


  1. This is just straight to the point and extremely true. I haven’t been in such a relationship but I knew someone who was; it’s even worse when “they believe they cam change the other person”.

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  2. What do you do when the ‘toxic’ person is a boss at your workplace? At first I thought the salary would relieve the pain from the abuse but guess what? It doesn’t. Emotional abuse is like cancer, it eats away your joy and happiness till you become a passive/aggressive robot that just can’t take it’s eyes off the clock and dashes for the door once it strikes 5! And simply because it’s a subconscious thing, it’s hard for toxic people to change. For your sanity’s sake, don’t walk…run away! Interesting read, love it.

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  3. I recently had a friendship that started falling apart, without any of us realising why. We would just get into fights, and apologize, and then fall into it again, over and over again. I never thought of any of us being toxic per se, just the relationship got very complicated. (A friendship with hints of romantic love.) In the end we didn’t make it.
    I agree with you completely, a person needs to know when to let go, even if it’s hard. After all, too much effort can kill the loving emotions between people.

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