My first Red Carpet experience.

I have never been on the red carpet, talk more hosting one but on Friday December 17th, 2017 I hosted my very first red carpet and it was an experience. I am very camera shy not many know this, but I think I managed to overcome this when I took on the responsibility of hosting the red carpet at the unveiling of the Coca-Cola Sit out for Bells University. The Sit out is an innovative idea by Coca-Cola for my university in a bid to create a more conductive student learning environment for Bells University students. The construction of the sit out took less than 1 week as workers were tirelessly drilling bottles used to build the sitout. Yes, it is made of bottles how innovative and environmentally sustainable is that? I enjoyed watching the process of putting together this amazing sit out which is the first for students in Nigeria. Also, some students involved themselves fully in the building process alongside the builders. The sit out was unveiled with an event sponsored by Coca-Cola, and they gave away with lots of freebies which included food and drinks and bsckpacks. There was also music, dancing, performances from Artists, the red carpet interviews (by yours truly) and presentations of prizes won. The students of Bells university had alot of fun although I personally think the event would have been better and bigger if that wasn’t hosted on our official closing date for the year so some students werent present bevause they went home already,nevertheless it was nothing short of Amazing! I am still really grateful for the turn out of students especially on the red carpet. Hosting the red carpet has been one of my turning points in 2017, I never thought I would stand in front of so many people and conduct interviews without any prior training. I guess fear is really a thing of the mind and I will be taking this vibe into 2018 like I can do anything through God who gives me strength and glow. I look forward to involving myself in more of public appearances red carpets, speeches and so on. I am super grateful to Coca-Cola (@cocacola_ng) for the opportunity and the CEO Reevmack Concepts for trusting me I hope I didnt let you down and my awesome sisters and few friends I told, for words of encouragement. I love you all💋 I hope next year brings more opportunitiesand challenges to overcome. I couldnt believe my eyes when the pictures started rolling in, I surprised myself by taking on this challenge, this has indeed been a learni g experience. My outfit Usa Tee: Gifted Pant trousers: Thrifted Monster Snackback Fannypack: Thrifted Sandals: Thrifted Accesories: Loop earrings and bracelets (all thrifted) What challenges did you take on in 2017? Did you overcome them and how? Share your thoughts below. Have a wonderful festive celebration and my Christmas blog will be up soon. Love D.A♥


  1. Judging from the pictures, you obviously did so well. Good job. We never know we we can do until we try. However take time to consistently train yourself. Stand in front of a mirror, imagine you are before a big audience, then perform. Also, take time to watch red carpet shows on t.v. Hip TV nd Ebony Life has a good number of such shows nd interviews. Also, volunteer to host as many shows as post in your school even if its for free. It helps grow your skills All the best. Cheers to a ground breaking 2018

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