Life Lessons I learnt this year.

It is finally the end of 2017 and I am saying goodbye to this awesome year. This year in all have been a process for me. I have been through alot this year and I have learnt alot. There are some life lessons I learnt this year

  • You aint shit: I learnt that there is always going to be someone that is better and more accomplished who can make us feel like we are so tiny in the world and so underachieving its a very humbling experience trust me. Knowing that you are just one very tiny voice in a sea of giants, can be disheartening sometimes but always strive to be better everyday nevertheless
  • You are Gold: yes baby solid gold! In as much as I realized I wasn’t shit, I also realized I am solid raw unrefined gold. Why? Because in all my shittiness I am an only edition not limited but number 1 and only 1, that uniqueness makes me gold and the realization of this is TRUTH.
  • Know your team: this year was trying for me especially in the aspect of relationships with others . We all have a squad, our guys and our friends but there is always a “team” within a squad. Those beautiful souls that are always out and down with you, for you and your growth are diamonds in rocks. Make an effort to identify and appreciate those humans because in a selfish world like ours it takes alot to promote someone else. I also learnt that there will always be people who are in your life for their own agendas and you have to be fully aware of these humans. Not all kindness is from tbe heart and not all anger is from hatred. Always remember a good majority of us walk around the streets wearing a mask above our real faces showing society a side of us that is not necessarily true.
  • Selflove is more than important: it is a necessity. Loving yourself, the human and the skin you are created with, just having agreat relationship with yourself is very important for growth.
  • Be your number 1 fan: I am the first to like my own pictures why? Because i have a theory that even if the world may not like me I have to love me for me. I also learnt that I should love myself enough to push myself to be the best every second of everyday get out of your comfort zone.
  • You teach others how to treat you: yes by the level of bullshit you are willing you accept they know your limits and can play on your emotions. Show quality you will be treated as such, show ratched well if the shoe fits. What I am trying to say is respect is reciprocal respect yourself and others will have no choice than to treat you in a respectable manner. Always define your boundaries with people especially those close to you dont just sweep it under the carpet you can choke on bullshit trust me on this.
  • Forgiveness doesn’t mean studipity: stay woke forgiving someone doesn’t necessarily mean you go back to the way you were before, give yourself time to heal. Only a fool doesn’t learn from his past experiences.
  • Only the foolish compare: do not compare yourself with anyone trust your journey. Don’t loose your uniqueness trying so hard to be successful like them. Be patient every dog has his day. I used to compare myself with everything and everyone sucessful because I thought I wasn’t good enough but this year I realized so freaking what? Now I let the gap between where I am to where I want to be be a source of inspiration and this has been working like magic.
  • Positive vibes only goes beyond the quote: givewhat you want to receive, you want positive vibes give positive vibes and stay away from the negativity. Protect your self and your peace.
  • You are in control don’t give anyone that power: in as much as the family and society factor weighs in your life, you remain the CEO making all the decisions so you have the ability to decide where your energy goes daily, to what and to whom. No one will make those decisions for you because only you know your passions and your dreams.
  • God is alive: have you ever experienced a love so great you are left in awe? In all my Days or nights, rain or sunshine, sadness or happiness there is someone who is there for me and you always and he will never forsake me or you. I have always known of the existence of God but his love has been too vivid in my life this year.

Reminiscing some of the favorite things that happened this year here some of the things I am greatful for this year:

  • May, when I opened my blog and all the milestones that came with it; first 50 likes on the blog and first 50 followers. My first 100likes and then first 100 followers, My first 1000 likes on the blog: trust me I was shook and My single best days with 50 plus best views
  • Joining the Bloggers advocate and being on the blogger point team of content providers. Having my articles published on, meeting amazing creative souls on and offline. It has been simply amazing. Collaborations with brands and individuals on projects
  • My adventures and foodventures for the year Lekki Conversion center topping that list.
  • Connecting with so many people reaching 5k organic followers on instagram
  • When I recieved flowers without an occasion and first red carpet hosting
  • All year round growth and being alive to write this right now

Thank you all for everything. 2017 has been lit because I let God lead the way and it has been awesome not perfect but awesome. What did you learn this year?

Thank you all for your likes, comments on the blog and support through out this 2017 journey. I love you all kisses💋💋💋. More wins, more life, more of everything good. Love D.A



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