My Eko Tales: The Ace Awards Conference and Exhibition.

Yesterday, I attended the Ace Awards Exhibition and Conference powered by Bellafricana at Victoria Island, Lagos State Nigeria.


The aim of the Ace Awards Exhibition and Conference is to celebrate creativity and innovation in Africa.


The conference as well as the exhibition was an eye opener for me as I saw a different side of Africa and Nigeria I always suspected existed but never saw for myself until now. There where serval brands each with their on unique innovations that made them stand out.


My highlight of the day was the Conference which was very educative the speakers gave alot of insight on how business in Africa works.


I have decided to share a few things I learnt from the formidable speakers yesterday about building and sustaining a Small or Meduim size indigenous enterprise:

  • Structuring your business is key to success.
  • Define your audience, know them and understand them, that helps you in creating the products that will be relevant to your audience thereby increasing your sales.
  • In Digital Marketing one of the most useful tips is consistency on you social media platforms. If keeping up may be difficult then it will be best to pick one social media platform to be consistent on.

Beauty and Skincare: How stress affects your skin and 5 ways to remedy that!

  • In social media marketing it’s important to know your hastags.
  • The children of today should be trained to have entrepreneurial  mindsets to have different skill sets which can be very useful to you.
  • Trademarks, Patents and so on ate put in place to help protect your trade secrets.
  • Export is possible for small and medium size Enterprises and there are alot of channels open for small and medium size entrepreneurs.
  • Business owners shouldn’t be mentally lazy, they should always be open to learning opportunities.

20180429_134355.jpgThe exhibition had alot of brands participating both indoors andaoutdoors it waz really amazing and I had the opportunity to interact with business owners such as Wura of WuraNaturals the owner of a skincare and haircare brand (IG: WuraNaturals), IMG_20180428_141742-01the owner of Semsey Skin solutions who was so kind to give a class on soap making which was very interesting, lovely handmade jewellery from @isurajewelry, Lara Rose constom made cards which is a luxury stationary company ,Ankara pieces from Afrikoncept

I really enjoyed the Ace Awards Exhibition and Conference and  would love to partner with them next year and this time in a more participating capacity maybe as a speaker or exhibitor who knows!

This event was awesome for my first ever exhibition and I am glad I attended and got to give away tickets to other entrepreneurs in the making like myself on my Instagram (yes there was a giveaway ad two lucky winersw emerged if you missed that you should definitely follow me on Instagram ( Click Here ) so as to not miss out next time.


It’s another week and I wish you the very best this week. Slay your goals and do your best to be Happy ad fulfilled. Have a lovely week ahead. Love D.A


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