Life: 7 ways to Deal with Depression

Still on my theme for May if you have been following, today I am talking about 7 ways to Deal with Depression.


From my last post 7 Signs of Depression, you must have been able to identify the signs of Depression and we can all agree that depression is a shitty state of mind that we will love to avoid.

There are  7 ways to deal with depression.

Dealing with Depression is not easy and although the ways stated below may not work for everyone but they are worth trying because there are different stages of depression and it vary from one person to another.

  • Mind over Matter: Give yourself a break. You are not perfect. No one is, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by our minds and what others think of us. We shouldn’t however it negativity define us and always remember you are the solution not the problem.
  • Cry if you need to: sometimes all you need is a good cry to let out all pent up emotions. Keeping up the fake smile while you hurt inside isn’t good for you or anyone. So when overwhelmed and you feel like crying just let those tears flow trust me you will feel better after a good cry.


  • Time out: sometimes you may be so in your own head that you get really confused. You may need a time out to get yourself back you may need to withdraw from social life a bit to get back to being awesome again.
  • Practice Self love and positive thoughts: there is no love greater than self love. Loving yourself is a big step in dealing with depression. Positive thoughts help brighten your day and your life. Tell yourself everyday “I am beautiful” “I am Awesome” “I am Loved” “Yes I Can” helps alot.
  • Journal and Exercise: writing has helped me in my darkest days. I find myself feeling better after penning down my thoughts, just like crying help some people journaling their thoughts help others. Exercising help release energy and tension focusing on an activity or a task for a while helps take your mind off negative thoughts and the release help you feel better.
  • Seek Help: there is no shame in asking for help. There are alot of people are willing to help you. Seek the advice of counsellors, spiritual father’s and mental health professionals such as phycologists. Yes you can afford it because there are alot of free services you can find and some of these services are even on social media. So seek help.
  • Never Forget the unconditional love of Christ: Jesus loves you, died for you and knows you are worth it. Even if you think everyone has abandoned you, he never did. You may be going through alot now and may feel unworthy but you are loved and you are WORTH EVERYTHING.

So guys no matter how Screenshot_20180517-182108far gone and how badly you feel, you are not alone and death isn’t the answer because your life is worth so much more than you think. Always remember you will be better and this too shall pass.

I really hope this post is helpful to someone out there. If you know other ways that can help in dealing with Depression kindly enlighten me and the readers. I will be in the comment section learning from your contributions.

Until next time Keep shining.

Love D.A😘


  1. I love this one. Crying is really helpful and I think trying to figure out why you’re depressed is another way, because when you know why, the solution follows. This post is really lovely


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