Fashion 101: Tips for Dressing Different Body Types (Part 2: Men)

Hi everyone, thanks for the views of my last post still on the topic of different body types I shall be focusing on the males today. Yes male readers this one is specially for you. Now guys you must be wondering do men have different body types like women do? The answer is Yes, Yes, Yes men have many different body shapes and types just like women.

The guys will have to agree with me that in the past some clothes you must have purchased did not sit right one your body some may have looked strange or weird and some outfits you probably bought may have been as a result of lack of knowledge of body types and how to dress them. I shall be giving out tips and tricks on how to dress according to your body type as not only women have problems picking with dressing their body types or shapes.

Dressing Different Male Body Types

Most males fall into one of the below body types:
The Rhomboid/ Trapezoid Male: broad shoulders and chest with narrow hips and waist. The upper and lower body are balanced therefore this body type is relatively easy to dress as most styles suit him.

Boldpatterns, prints, bold colors, and blazers, bumper Jackets, shirts, well-tailored trousers, skinny jeans all look good on the Rhomboid male.
The Inverted Triangle Male: broad shoulders and chest with narrower hips and waist, the upper body is wider than the lower body therefore there is an imbalance. The main aim in dressing this body type is to add bulk to the midriff and lower body to balance out this body structure.

Belts help break up the outfit and draws attention to the hips, striped tees around the stomach rather than the  the stomach rather than the chest, V-neck shirts, polo shirts, double breasted jackets, horizontal stripes and jumpers draw the eye downwards drawing attention away from the chest. Straight legged trousers and jeans work for this body type paired with patterned footwear.
The Rectangle Male: shoulder is roughly the same width as their waist and hips the illusion of structure is to be created in dressing this body type.

Prints, color pops, structured tailoring such as blazers and jackets tailored to emphasize your waist, horizontal stripes across upper body should be incorporated in the wardrobe of the Rectangle Male, avoid double breasted jackets try single breasted with structured shoulders. Also jumpers fitted at the waist can be used to widen the chest and circular necklines help draw attention to the upper torso.

The Triangle Male: shoulders and chest are narrower than the waist and hips, the lower body appears larger and also creates the appearance of sloping shoulders, there is an imbalance. Wear single breasted pieces, structured blazers and button down styles when dressing the upper body, clothes should be well fitted. Darker colors should be worn on the upper body and layering is advisable. Avoid horizontal stripes across the stomach they will make the upper body look larger, vertical stripes are a better option, avoid polo shirts and skinny or heavily tailored trousers

The Oval Male: shape appears round especially around the midriff, shoulders are narrower. Wear vertical stripes to lengthen the body and make the shoulders appear wider to redefine the body giving the much needed structure. Opt for detailed prints, fitted trousers, and dark colors.

Ensure the trouser length and sleeves are the right length as gathering make you appear shorter. Avoid horizontal stripes, polo shirts, double breasted jackets.

This post was special for the men who read my blog and the ladies who style the ma. I hope this post is helpful to you and your fashion needs.

Have a splendid day. Love D.A


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