Wellness: One week detox using Green Tea (what to look for and to expect)

Hello Darlings, this week I am sharing my one week detox using Green Tea and what to look out for when purchasing a suitable green tea for detox and what to expect during the detox process.

Last week as promised I said I will be trying various methods of detox to find out which would be more suitable for me.

First off Green Tea is a tea usually made from herbs.


I decided to go on a green tea detox because green tea have proven to have various healing and health benefits. However, there are a variety of green tea out there in the market so how do you know which green tea will help Detoxifying your system.

A variety of herbs with detoxification properties have to be blend together for you to achieve the right results. Here are a list of herbs to look out for when purchasing a suitable green tea for Detoxing.

  • Dandelion
  • Ginger
  • Red Clover
  • Garlic
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Burdock Root
  • Cilantro
  • Ground Ivy
  • Milk Thistle …. Etc.


The green tea brand I took was  a mix of Legend and Sabirna Ginger and Garlic Tea because I am legend lol. I drank it judiciously for a whole week. Here are my journal entries for the 7days

Day 1: I drank the legend green tea and the taste was so bitter I don’t know how I swallowed it. I felt quiet normal for the whole day and surprisingly energized.

Day 2: I found a way to make my tea taste better. I added slices of apples which made the tea taste way better. My energy levels are up and I have been peeing a lot.

Day 3: Getting used the taste energy levels up. I am doing a lot and sweating well.

Day 4: Tea taste normal to me right about now. Spent the whole day in the sun and I didn’t feel as exhausted as I usually do.

Day 5: Taste same as yesterday and energy levels same as yesterday. I spent hours taking product shoots and editing pictures without exhaustion.

Day 6: Same as yesterday with reduced peeing

Day 7: Energy level still high and feeling lighter. Peeing reduced feeling great!

That was my 1 week journal entry in summary I felt very light and energized. Also my appetite for junk reduced considerably. I used the toilet a lot doing the number one and of course the number 2. Physically I noticed some reduction in my bloating which made me really happy. I wasn’t working out just going about my daily activities and it really felt great. I think I will do this detox for one more week before switching. I made my tea strong you can make yours lighter especially if you are going to be working or attending class. You may want to start during the weekend just in case your body decided to flush out all the toxins all at once. You will be ready. So why not Netflix and Detox. Have a great week.


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