Life: 5 tips on becoming your biggest fan.

The biggest fan you can ever have is yourself”

In today’s world we all have one person could be a singer, actor, writer, artist that we admire and follow their works, we support these sets of people and encourage them we are their fans. Fans support you even in your down time and cheer you on. Fans are born over time with dedication and they take time to know you and like you. Everyone wants a Fan someone that doesn’t necessarily know you but is dedicated to your success but why wait on some stranger to get to know you and like you and support you when you can be that person for yourself. Self love is the best kind of love.


5 Tips on becoming your own Fan:

  •  Show yourself unconditional love: “If you become your own friend you will never be alone”-  Maxwell Maltz. Sometimes we are usually too hard on ourselves and don’t show ourselves enough love. Infact we are usually the ones that criticize ourselves and put ourselves down which is very bad. Learn to start loving who you are right now while working on who you want to be. Do you think a fan cares about perfection when they support? They don’t. Take fans for example they know their idols are not perfect but they support them anyway because of the love they have for them. If people can do that for people they barely know why can’t you do that for yourself? Why can you not love yourself? Learn to love your own company by doing things that put you in a good mood.
  • Start everyday with positive thoughts: a positive mind equals a positive life don’t forget this. Everyday when you wake up and start the beginning of a new day. You have to keep telling yourself positive things like “i am beautiful” “I can do anything” “God loves me” “I am talented” talk the positive talk everyday and watch how your life turns around.
  • Give yourself a break: from time to time we all need a break from the pressures of life. So give yourself this much deserved break. Take out time to rest up and rediscover you, guess what you may discover something new about yourself, something to fall im love with.
  • Make room for improvement: mistakes make room for improvement so don’t be so scared to make a little mistake now and again.
  • Know your worth: most times we always devalue and undervalue ourselves. We always tend to shrink our abilities think to yourself what would a true fan do? A fan supports and never devalues so don’t devalue yourself sometimes it’s okay to hoot your own horn. Promote yourself and don’t be ashamed, do you have a business, blog,  give some services, don’t be scared to promote yourself.
  • Surround yourself with good energy: good energy come from good people. Surround yourself with people who love and support you honestly and truly. These people will teach you how to love yourself and their constructive criticism help you become a better person.

You are and will always be your longest commitment so make a commitment to yourself today to always love yourself, give yourself a pat on the back now and again. Be your biggest fan everyday of your life even when nobody is cheering you on. Remember I am a fan of you becoming your biggest fan.


Have a lovely day. Love D.A

Ps: I would really love to hear from you! If you have a comment on this post, please leave it in the comments section, so I can respond to you and others can read it as well. Thanks alot!


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