Common Skin damaging habits we must Break.

Today on skincare I am discussing certain skin damaging habits we must Break to achieve healthy glowy skin. An habit is really difficult to break because they are formed over time but certain habits detrimental to the health of our skins must be broken.
Healthy skin is Definitely a goal this year and although some factors such as Stress of sleep deprivation pose as threats to the health of our skin, there are also some habits we have formed over time that may have been negatively affecting our skin and most times we are none the wiser.

Some of these skin damaging habits are listed below:
• Lack of sleep: starting with the known to the unknown we all know stress is bad for the skin. I have written a whole blog post to emphasize this. Stress does a number on your skin and there are ways to alleviate stress for a healthier skin. Read
• Failure to moisturize: 9e041d3fe6528eee8315305d5689b05a

so when I was growing up (still growing up lol) my mom would always fight with me because I never moisturized I didn’t like the feel of moisturizers werid right?. Sometimes I still forget to moisturize when I am in a hurry to leave the house but this habit is very detrimental to our skin because moisturizers are designed to preserve the ph of our skin and to add vitamins which the skin needs.
• What we eat:


okay raise your hand if you will rather eat Oreos instead of fruits and fries instead of Papaya lol. We are all guilty of wanting the sweets and chocolates but they don’t really do much for the skin. Sticking with more natural foods and veggies do wonders for your skin although an Oreo occasionally wouldn’t ruin you. Also excessive alcohol, coffee, drug and even dairy intake depletes the health of your skin.
• Inactivity or lack of exercise: exercise is known for getting your blood pumping and following which is great for the skin. 8a84dbf360219acfee56ac80181ddc9fExercising regularly cleanses the body and rids it of toxins which basically gives me skin a radiant glow. So running, jogging, and a bit of cardio will do great things for your skin.
• Zit popping: I know girls who fuss over their skin day and night so when they see a rash, a small pimple or zit they pop it. ffa4662e1cb00fe4119d5f4782909f0aThis habit formed over time is very dangerous because sometimes the best thing you can do for your skin is to leave it alone. Just like any other organ in the body our skin has the ability to cleanse itself so it’s Best to leave it alone.
• Leaving makeup on overnight/ not washing your face before bed: this is very common with people that have stressful jobs and have an active nightlife.503f672420a03176c2faee54a24333a9 One of the golden rules for a healthier skin is to rid it of dirt and chemicals before going to bed.
• Using too many products/ not using enough or the right products: while some of us are so obsessed with getting that glow some of us don’t even know the right products to use or we use too many products. You are not a laboratory rat, I repeat you are not a laboratory rat. Do not use so many products on your skin that there will be a chemical war ongoing on your skin. This can damage it and always do your research on what kinds of products are good for you and which aren’t.

To avoid damaging our skins we should check ourselves to ensure that we aren’t doing things detrimental to our skins on a daily basis. I have at least two habits on the list what about you? Feel free to share with me, I’ll be waiting for your comments.

Keep your skin glowing by harnessing healthier habits.  Love D.A.
Photo credit: Pinterest 😄


  1. I love the part where you say, ‘You are not a lab rat’ 😅😅😅

    Truly, we get carried away and just think none of this habit really cause any harm when in all truth it’s the one causing us the most harm.

    Once in a while, I try to keep it balanced. A little junk, more veggies and detox. And I’m really learning to let the zit outgrow itself and fade away naturally.

    Great post, Dee.


  2. Very true ! I’m guilty of the not getting enough sleep, using too many products and not eating properly. definitely habits that need to be broken


  3. I enjoy reading your post. I am so guilty of popping every little thing I see on my face!!🙈. But nevertheless am learning from your write and I hope to become better! Thanks for the tips!! Much love!


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