Making Tee-shirts (plain and graphic) a fashion wardrobe staple × Outfit inspos.

Tee-shirts are usually comfortable but can easily be the most boring article of clothing we own but they are very necessary. We really don’t see it as wardrobe staple material as a good majority of us wear tee shirts the basic way everyone wears them (Tee-shirt and a denim trouser) which isn’t bad but it is very causal and you cannot wear it everywhere (or so we think). For some of us, fashion forward young women such as myself we want to be daring with our Fashion picks and boring doesn’t cut it.


As regarding a tee-shirt being a wardrobe staple for a Fashionista. I think it definitely is there are alot of possibilities when styling a tee-shirt.f9e31f95cc961875f3a60004a7fca7f9

Do you know you have been wasting your tee by just wearing it the same way Every time? Especially when there are a lot of creative ways to pair the tee-shirt? Do you know you could rock a tee shirt to work, school, on a date night or even a wedding? So how do you make a tee shirt a graphic or plain a fashion staple for a functional but chic wardrobe?
Well below I will be showing you how to creatively wear a tee shirt and places these tee inspired outfits would be suitable to slay at:
• Switch out the power suit camisole for a plain tee shirt for a day at the office. It will look really nice, fashion forward and you would definitely be comfy all day. 28c8c262ae1eb5db759c54b550f6909aAlso a Tee paired with a well tailored skirt of decent length or shorter (if your job permits) or pants and sling backs, flats or heeled sandals for a causal day at work or for a meeting or an afternoon event.

• A tee and floral print pants or shorts easy for a brunch date, errands, or strolling the streets being a tourist in your city. A comfy sandal or sneakers can do the trick.

• A tee paired with denim skirt: denim skirts are chic and fashionable. A tee plain or graphic tee can be paired with a cute denim skirt of different lengths and colors. For the causal look wear it with a pair of sneakers and for a more fashion street style mag editorial look go with heels, clogged platforms or wedges. Or wear it with denim trousers with a little twistScreenshot_20180705-143127
• A tee paired with a maxi skirt: tees and maxi skirts be it straight, full fled, plain or print  is definitely a mood. It says comfortable, comfy and Fashion forward which I just love. With this look accessories is all that matters.


•A tee paired with leather/sequin skirt or shorts for a hot date or a night outing with the squad.



• A tee layered with a camisole and denim/bomber jacket and pants is really cute or layered underneath a dress or dungarees plain or floral paired with sneakers or heels depending on your style and how comfortable you want to be.



There are a lot of different ways to wear a tee shirt the trick is to have fun with it. Nothing is too crazy trust me. You can get really cute and affordable tees from Amazon, Poppyapparel, Zara, Atmosphere and various online/offline stores.

What are your favorite ways to wear a tee shirt? I hope you find this post educative on your Fashion picks. Don’t forget to leave comments and share. Love D.A.


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