3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge × Hello September

Hello loves, happy new month welcome to the month of September. The year gradually coming to an end and I am so grateful to see another new month. Last month was so busy for me I barely took out time for myself. I tried to be as consistent as possible on the blog and I wish to thank you all for the comments, likes and so on, I appreciate every single one of you.


This month I will be starting a new challenge *yaaaaaaaaaay* . Some time ago I got challenged by an amazing blogger to post 3 Quotes daily for 3 days I haven’t found the perfect time to get the ball rolling but starting today I shall be sharing 3 of my most favorite quotes and what they mean to me.
The first quote of this challenge is one by Brian Tracy that says:

Make your life a masterpiece, imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.”

9c1427b0b875953f7aa949eb5bcdf02dI love this particular quote by Brian Tracy because it speaks volumes of how we are the masterminds, the craft men and women of our lives. Many times we often feel that we have to accept whatever life hands to us forgetting that we have the ability to make, to create of our lives to what we ultimately desire. Artists are craftsmen and women who are highly skilled in the creation of their masterpieces.
In our lives we are the Craftsmen, we are the artists we have the ability to create our masters pieces which is the life that we know we desire and deserve, a life we are proud of.
Limitations may and definitely will occur that’s part of life but we have the decision to be limited or to rise above all. Limitations is simply our fears coming alive. We all have fears, such as fear of failure, fear of looking stupid this fear limits you but only if you let it.

I have learnt and I am still learning that there are a variety of what I can do, who I can be and it all starts from within. It all starts from my mind, my imaginations, the common factor in every situation of my life, of your life is YOU. Therefore the decision to fight against the odds and make moves to figure out your life and your journey starts with you and you alone.


Therefore don’t create limitations for yourself, Tell yourself you can and being your number one fan is key.

Follow this simple principles and watch the game change. See the positive impact it makes.

Do you feel you can create the life you want? Do you feel you limit yourself? I know I do. What about you? Waiting for your comments and suggestions on how to live a limitless life especially this new month.

Let’s all endeavor to avoid creating limitations for ourselves this month of September. Love D.A.

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