Basic to Slay: Styling one maxi skirt in 5 ways × Mini lookbook

Hello fashion lovers, today I am showing you how to style one boring maxi skirt in 5 easy ways. Yes all pieces can definitely come out of your wardrobe.


Personally I have never really liked skirts growing up my mum made me wear them a lot because of course church, so when I got the chance to choose I never chose skirts at all. That is why Denim became my best buddy. I however knew that I needed to own at least one maxi skirt and that was why I purchased a long black boring bodycon maxi skirt 3 years ago.
Fast forward to 2018 when I am getting in touch with my feminine side, I found 5 different ways to style this formally basic maxi skirt and I will be sharing these styling tips with you so that you can have some fun styling yours also.

From Basic to Slay 5 ways to style a boring maxi skirt:

• Wearing it with a graphic or plain tee: last week we spoke on fun ways to style a tee shirt and wearing it with a maxi skirt is one of them. If your skirt is plain like mine, you may want to rock a graphic tee of different color or same color like I did. Also, if your maxi skirt is floral print you can also wear a plain tee or if you are really daring a graphic tee as you please.


This can be worn with sneakers or wedges or low sling backs as you may please. This outfit is causal and can go on coffee dates, lunch appointments and so on.
• With a camisole of Same color: I always wanted a long sleeveless camisole bodycon dress but I never found one my size or length. Wearing my maxi bodycon skirt with a matching camisole gives me that dress feeling. You can throw a denim jacket or a kimono to create another outfit.



• Wearing it with an off shoulder top: off shoulders are in and they look good when worn with a maxi skirt and heeled sandals.
• Denim shirt and maxi skirt: I love denim skirts they look good with everything including a maxi skirt be it plain or flower.


• Skirt as a dress: I have work my maxiskirt as a dress on serval occasions both causally with a bomber jacket and sneakers or for an event with heels. This goes for floral maxis also you can rock that floral print skirt as a cute floral dress.


These are my 5 ways to style a maxi skirt from basic to slay how do you style yours? Styling these different looks was super easy.


I hope you found some of these tips helpful. Which of these outfits is your favorite? Mine is the denim shirt and skirt.


These pictures were shot by my amazing friend @nykayphotos do well to check her amazing work on Instagram. Enjoy your weekend.

Love D.A.


  1. Totally love the denim and skirt look. The flower crown is so adorable.
    I think that skirt is such a great staple for any wardrobe ! You look great ❤


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