College Series (i): My college experience+ 5 ways to keep your sanity in college.

I honestly do not know how to start this post but let me start by saying I am officially a Graduate of the department of Accounting from Bells university of Technology. My result and certificates are out and I am like man this is as real as it gets.

As I am writing this post I am sitting in an airport on my way to Kebbi state to start another phase of my life which I will definitely be sharing on the blog.

The college experience is a lifetime experience that stays with you forever. My college experience is something definetly worth writing about. If I write a detailed post of how my 4 years in college went you would think I picked scenes out of a movie. I experienced alot of good and bad things in the university and I feel that I owe it to myself and others to share this experience and give my top tips and tricks to help you live your best life while you are in the university and I hope you enjoy them.

4 years College Review.

On September 2014 I was admitted into the university to study Accounting. Trust me I was super excited having been waiting for this for what seemed like a super long time. I honestly thought that I was ready for a new adventure, and I was sure it was going to be lots of fun. Trust me, I had a lot of thoughts as to what I felt the higher institution was supposed to be like and I honestly wanted to see it all, feel it all and experience it all.

My first year in the university came with alot of firsts. First time being alone, first time going to a new city all by myself, first time to figure of alot if things for myself, first time to feel alot of emotions and pain that I had to deal with alone, first time to meet new people, lots of new people and as expected it all came as a rush. I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was. So for my first year in college, I can pretty much as I was a hot mess.

My second year in college came rather quickly but this time I had started to figure some things out and find myself. I decided to start choosing my company wisely, learn some things and unlearn others, realize that you shouldn’t think with your emotions but with your head. It was also in my second year that I got to understand the wicked waton nature of some humans. It was also in my second year I started realising the importance of faith and God in everything I do. My second year was a revelation for me.

My third year was the absolute best year of my college experience. I felt great and focused through out this year, my grades showed the improvement and I finally started getting the hang of college. I also found a way to balance my emotional being and my physical being. I kept this balance for a long time until my fourth year. It was also in my thrid year I started sharing my writing and photography. I found an important piece of myself in my third year.

My fourth year came with alot of responsibility but thanks to the balance I found in my third year I found a way to stay afloat. I had to balance school, work, blog etc and I loved it. It was alot but I loved it. For me my fourth year was my maturing year. I finally statred feeling like an adult.

5 ways to keep your sanity in college

From my review, you can see that college can easily be one of the most trying times of your life. You experience some really high highs and very gut renching lows and in all of this you may ask yourself how do I stay sane admist all of the madness and coolness that college has to offer. Here are 5 ways:

  • Smile: no matter what you are going through, be it tough courses, bad friendships, brokeness, there is always a silver lining and that is what you should hold on. Get ready to ride the waves with a smile on your face. Challenges only make you stronger.

  • Don’t talk down on yourself: you have alot whispering to you that you aren’t smart enough, good enough, talented enough, beautiful enough. Guess what? You are! I had my lecturers and professors talk down on me alot of times and at a point I started believing them. Thank God I got out of that demeaning way of thinking. I may have not been where I wanted to be but that didnt mean I wouldn’t get there and that I wasn’t good enough. Never be the one to pull yourself down.
  • Positive mind positive life: harness positivity and store it within yourself. Hang out with people with a happy and positive auras, remember you are your thoughts. So guard your thoughts and keep up the positivity.

  • Drink water and Mind your business: excuse me! Choose your battles, not everything is worth your energy or time. Please know this as a fact. Not every rude comment deserves a comeback. Don’t waste your time doing things that you have no business doing. Rather use that time to find a passion that gives you some sort of fulfillment. Trust me on this.
  • Have Faith: Faith moves mountains, believing in something bigger than me gave me the need the forge ahead even in difficulties. I always knew God has a purpose for me so I left it at that and and just believed against hope. I was actually right to believe that because so far he has proven that that was his plan all along.

College will be an experience but you will experience it and overcome it. Keeping your sanity admist it all may be difficult to achieve but worth it. Are you currently in college? What year? Are you done? How was your college experience? How do you keep sane through out college? Leave your comments below let’s exchange thoughts as to how to live our best lives through out college.

Have a wonderful day ahead. Love D.A.

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