3 major keys to effective Selfcare practice this festive season.

Self care is very iMPOrtaAnT!!!! In our everyday lives and especially during this festive season of Christmas when it is so easy to neglect oneself, selfcare is paramount.

First off, most of us do not know what self care entails. If I ask you right now “Do you take care of yourself?” I am so sure your answer will be YES, but do you really make out time for your self, do you make out plans to ensure you are in top notch mental, physical and emotional state of the mind?

Well while you chew on that…

What is Self care?

Self care involves every single activity or move no matter how little, we consciously make in order to ensure we take care of our physical, emotional and mental health. It is really simple but yet very overlooked, because most of us are not in the habit of putting ourselves first, we forget that adequate self care is the key to a balanced life and state of mind.

In my books the number one cause of real life issues like depresssion, obsesity, anxiety and the like is lack of adequate self care and ultimately neglecting of self. We let life issues take over and dictate how we feel and that messes us up.

Now the festive season is termed the most wonderful time of the year but we don’t talk about how it is the most demanding time if the year. These last days of the year when we celebrate Christmas is absolutely one of the times that will try you emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. Therefore there is need to ensure we have a certain balance and that balance or zen is only achieved through top notch self care.

How do we effectively care for ourselves and ensure we have these tips under our belt literally? Here are some tips:

1. GET ORGANISED: clutter does more damage than good, so getting organised is the absolute best move for you this holiday. In my last post I spoke about how creating a list is essential for getting organised and being productive.

There are alot of activities you will have to do this christmas season so therefore having a system to work with will do you alot of good. We all know clutter is neither good for your mental or emotional state of mind.

2. SAY NO AND STICK BY IT: okay this is easier said than done because most of the people asking for favours will be family members, friends close relatives alike and it’s quite difficult to say no to such persons. Nevertheless, before you say yes to anything be it a party invite, family engagement, concert or whatever, ask yourself how does this serve my mental health, finances and general well being.

Remember do not displease yourself to please others especially in the festive season.

Family may demand alot from you and the funny part is they feel it’s their right to, but doesnt mean you cannot say NO to them when necessary and stick by it. For example if there is someone that always pokes at your self esteem, no matter who it is, you can and should say no to visiting that person or having a conversation with that person or even being around that person to perserve your mental health.

If buying those concert tickets will set you back financially in 2019, then say no to spending unwisely even if all your friends and family members will be attending. There is nothing wrong in saying to yourself “I cannot afford it and it doesn’t serve my finances so I will decline this offer” there will be other concerts or parties.

3. LOVE YOURSELF MORE, GIVE LOVE AND HAVE A GOOD TIME: it’s the season of love therefore I say to you today love thyself MORE! More than usual give yourself a gift. It doesn’t have to be material, but gift yourself some ‘me time’ to rest up and strategize for the new year. Remember to treat yourself take that tour, stroll around the garden, drinks with your best friend, listen to music, drink wine, read a good book, take bubble baths and dance around in your pajamas wearing your edible face mask and if buying those shoes count as an ultimate gift for yourself then go for it!

Enjoy the company of your loved ones while actively blocking every form of negative energy. Bad energy stay far way! (in wizkid’s voice). Eat right and try to exercise, take walks or jogs whatever rocks your festive boats.

Love, love, love give lots of love and don’t do anything that will compromise your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual well being.

As the Christmas festivities is upon us once again,while we take part of all the family gatherings, holiday partying, and the various festivities to get in the “holiday spirit,” and enjoy yourself. It is very important that we remember that self care is vital and we take these keys and apply them to enjoy every bit of the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas. Love D.A💋

Note: This post was in collaboration with some amazing bloggers for a “BlogMas” so do well to check out the blogs of klassique; misterjacque; yourregularnigerian to get into the Holiday spirit and for more tips and tricks.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and connect with me @deeawata on social media and give your ultimate self care tips for the festive season in the comments below!


  1. I love your sense of how you view and write! I definitely learnt from this! Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance mama!😘🍾🥂


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