Blog feature: 30 questions on life, Christmas and the rest with Aminat of Thisblackwoman.

Hello darlings, as the year is gradually coming to an end and since we are in the spirit of Christmas. I decided to feature one of my very favorite bloggers here on the blog. Aminat is basically a delight, I met her late this year and we clicked so much we decided to do a collaboration where we share 30 unique questions and share each others answers on our respective blogs.

This was so much fun for me as I got to ask her 30 questions and she gave the following answers:

1. Hello Amin I can call you that right? Yes!

2. Kindly introduce yourself to us let’s get up close and personal

Okay…I’m Aminat Sanni-Kamal, I am a lawyer, a budding entrepreneur, a writer and a blogger. I own and blog on and I recently just co- founded a media company, called Kilali, which aims at empowering women, through mentoring and networking.

3. Single Pringle or In a relationship?

Lol…I am very much single.

4. What’s being single like?
Being single is just what it is sometimes lonely but peaceful and blissfully drama free.

5. What are you passionate about?
Gender Equality and making money and yeah… of course my blog.

6. What’s your blog about?
This Black Woman, that’s the name of blog and it is a combination of some the thing I love like, writing, books, beauty, lifestyle and of course feminism.

7. How did you come about your blog name and the idea behind it?

Let me first start by saying I am terrible with names, my husband will most likely name all our children…lol.. I thought really hard before I came up with This Black Woman because, I wanted something I am very much proud of and these are my womanhood, my black skin and heritage.

8. So is writing a passion or just a hobby for you?
Would it be cliché to say writing saved my life? It probably is but writing did save life, all these, being able to talk about gender equality, blogging and generally would not have been possible without writing. So, writing for me, is more than passion or hobby, its a lifeline.

9. So far so good how has your 2018 been?

This is probably another cliché thing but this year I have seen a lot of growth, so yes Alihamdulilah, this year has been good.

10. What were your highlights for the year?
Taking the decision to end my former blog and start and getting called to the Nigerian Bar.

11. Okruuuu congratulations girl! So what were your lowest point of the year?
My lowest point this year, was the nine months I spent in Law School, really messed with my head, even as something as simple as taking a bath was difficult for me.

12. How did you deal with it?
I dealt with it by telling myself that the only way, I could get out of law school and not have to go back was to pass, trust me there were a lot of private tears but I kept telling myself to go on and I did. It also made me learn one thing, that I am my own motivation.

13. That sounds really tough on both your physical and mental well-being. One of the main things we spoke about on our blog this year was mental health awareness. The world is speaking more about this and I would like to know your take on this.

Taking care of your mental health is really important, once your mind is not in the right place nothing else will be. A lot of people are romanticizing mental health issues but, it really is nothing to joke about.

14. What will be your number one tip for maintaining a balanced mental health?

There are a lot of tips and I really can’t say which is number one, because what works for me doesn’t necessarily work for other people.

15. Brings us back to the fact that you are a lawyer and entrepreneur. Hey GirlBoss! Question do you see yourself as girl boss?

No, I don’t see myself as a girl boss, I see myself as a BOSS! Boys don’t call themselves boy boss or boss men because we automatically assume the only boys can be bosses.

16. Wow gives another angle to all of this. So Just Amin the Boss then, I love it! Let’s talk finance, so how was your finances looking like this year?
Please don’t let me disgrace my generation here, lets just leave this finance thing biko.

17. What changes would you like to see in the world?
Gender Equality. I want a world where feminism will no longer be needed and we can all treat ourselves as equals that we are.

18. On a lighter note, Fashion took a turn this year we saw lots of trends and break throughs. Who were your favorite designers this year?

My favourites are Nigerian designers, although at this particular moment I can’t seem to remember their names.

19. What were your favorite trends so far?

Low cut and large hoop earrings, palazzo pants.

20. Yasss the palazzo pants were a win this year. Did you rock this trend?

I definitly rocked the hoop earings and palazzo pants.

21. Which trend do you see yourself rocking in 2019?
Next year will come with a lot of beautiful trends, so I really can’t say.

22. Also which of these trends made you cringe? Thinking Hell na?

Nothing really, I think I have gotten to a point where I am more conscious and accepting. So while I may not like something now I may like it later, so I don’t give it too much thoughts.

23. Let’s talk beauty! Which beauty brands did it for you this year?

My favorite beauty brand this year is MIIS METICS, it’s a Nigerian brand and one of their products I especially love is their lashes.

24. Selfcare is very important therefore we would like to know two of your self-care tips for the year.

This is actually my blog’s theme of the month #selfcare. Well two tips I tackle seriously, one, I try to avoid over thinking and two, hydration. You know that drink water and mind your business slang, I am taking it very seriously.

25. Would you say you are a bit nomadic/ adventurous?
I think I am a little bit of both.

26. We believe in living yourabsolute best life do you?

Ah, yes o, YOLO, so live it while you can.

27. Tell us your most exciting adventure this year.

I don’t think I have had any, law school basically took up my entire year.

28. What are some ways you try to achieve this daily?
I think one of the ways I try to achieve this is by doing whatever it is I set out to do, I don’t like excuses because they will stop you from living your best life.

29. If you were to go back and do over 2018 again what will you change?

I’d try harder, and calm down a lot. I know these two things seem contradictory but working hard and trusting the process are the things I would have done differently.

30. Finally, describe 2018 in one word and what are your hopes for 2019?

2018 was GROWTH and In Sha Allah, 2019 will be Successful.

Thank you so much for your answers I can’t wait for our next collaboration.

Glasses, I absolutely enjoyed this collaboration with Aminat who is an absolute light as you can see for yourself. To meet this amazing lady you can join Kilali to connect with amazing like minded ladies trust me you want to be there.

Meanwhile, my version of this post is up on her blog you should definitely check it out to know my 30 unique questions and my honest answers. I may have spilled a secret or two.

Also do not forget to follow her on social media @thisblackwoman. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to see more blog features kindly leave a comment below.

Enjoy your week. Love D.A.


  1. I actually agree with you, being single is quite lonely. But there’s this pure joy, and happiness that comes with being single


  2. I’m a huge fan of Aminatawa, and I love how very honest and sincere she was about this Q n A. Cheers to being a boss and not a girl boss😁😁😁


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