24hours in Gidi- Go Karting at Get Arena, Lagos|Gidi Life

I had less than 24hours to spend in Lagos last December and I decided to spend it with some of my favorite people Go-Karting at Get Arena, Lagos.

The Get Arena is located at Plot 6 Abila, Oniru Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos opposite the popular Oriental hotel. Initially we wanted to visit the beach but Lagos was buzzing with the #dettydecember and although I loved the buzz (I mean it’s lagos), unfortunately that buzz meant lots of TRAFFIC!!! Have you ever been in Lagos traffic before? Well that’s a story for another day. So we opted out of that beach idea.

We were a party of 3, my travel buddy Paula, our mutual friend and newest partner in adventure Seun and my humble self. We set off to go on what will be my first go-karting experience.

We got to Get Arena in good Time after experiencing a bit of traffic on the third mainland bridge. I have seen Get Arena in pictures before so I knew what to expect and it met my expectations.

When you walk in you see a lounge with a bar and eating spaces. The ambience was nice, the bar looked very good and a variety of drinks where available for you to choose from. We were greeted by one of the workers who attended to us. She informed us that if we wanted to go Go-Karting we would have to wait because a group were already karting.

We sat and waited for them, our wait wasn’t long though.


My Go-karting experience was Awesome! It wasn’t difficult for me because I can drive. The instructor showed me the two parts of the Kart(used for racing) which were the break to slow the car down and the part for speed at your left and right foot. With his short lesson we were off to Go-Karting but not without a glitch. The instructor gave me the wrong instructions! He told me speed was break and break was speed, you can imagine the disaster I made the first circle. On my first circle I noticed I was going too fast, when I tried to reduce the speed it kept increasing. Fam!!! I got scared for a moment and I ran into the tires positioned there for safety and to guide your drive.

The instructor came over and “re-explain” the instructions me. That was when I got the understanding that he gave me the wrong instructions the first time and of course I called him out 🙂 (but in a friendly manner). He is human after all.

After that was clarified my go-karting was so much fun. One round around the tiers designed route consist of 5 turns and costs N4,000. We went twice guess how I was feeling afterwards… You guessed right I felt like flash (the superhero) I even chased Paula around and bumped into her a few times on purpose 🙄 for baby’s you needed to have seen her face (was worth it). Seun took amazing photo and videos of us.


After our karting experience we proceeded to get some food at the lounge/restaurant.

I ordered fried Plantain,sauce alongside sex on the beach, because I was feeling a bit high headed and plantains is my love language.

Paula ordered Long Island, Fries, ketchup and Burger. Seun ordered Rice, chicken and Plantain.

For me to plantain was perfect I loved it, Seun complained about the rice being a bit tasteless and I actually tasted it and confirmed this the rice wasn’t all that, Paula loved the burger she said it was tasty with extra chesse so I guess that was awesome.

When it came to prices of the food I think it was a bit over priced for the taste. I say this because Get Arena is a place families can hang out so food shouldn’t be so pricey.


The service was fair but a bit slow, food took long to get to us, the staff were helpful the waitress that served us was polite.


I’m not a critic but I rate Get Arena based on my experience 7/10.

I loved visiting Get Arena and I loved my company and the fun we had. Thank you Seun for an awesome outing and the photographs and Paula for the fun, love you guys😘.

Have you ever gone Go-Karting what was your experience?

Share below…


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