Champs Restaurant best meal yet in Ibadan|Exploring Ibadan.

Hello guys welcome back to the blog!

Today on Exploring Oyo, hot spots I am reviewing the Champs restaurant located on the third floor in the popular Cocoa House, Ibadan.

As you may well know by now I am a sucker for the best things in life so when I moved to Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria late last year, I decided to start exploring the hotspots of the state and discover new places which will be here live on the blog!

So back to Champs, Champs is a restaurant located in Heritage Mall 2nd floor, Cocoa House, Dugbe, Ibadan. This restaurant is usually open Monday to Saturday 8am-9pm and 10am-9pm on Sunday’s.

Located in the mall it’s a place where tired shoppers, hungry workers and movie goers go to relax and have an affordableyet delicious meal.

My Experience.

I was invited to eat here by my friend Seun during my lunch break one Monday. On getting to the restaurant I felt welcomed by the nicely lit and relaxed setting. The ambience was nice and the staff seemed very polite.

We ordered our meal Him Jollof rice and chicken and I ordered the fired rice and gizzard sauce. Each meal cost about N1600 ($4.5), drinks cost about the same amount also, which was surprisingly affordable for the portion size.

The food looked and tasted GOOD! Loved the gizzard sauce, the gizzard cut into tiny bits and fried nicely not too soft or hard, sauce has the right amount of pepper in it. The fried rice was well cooked, I would have reduced the salt in mine but it was okay especially when coupled with the gizzard sauce. I have zero complains apart from the fact that I struggled to finish mine which is a good thing by the way. It was both tasty and filling. Service was fast, they didn’t waste any time to get us our food. Food came hot and drinks were cold.

Ratings: Well, based on service, ambience, taste and cost I rate CHAMPS a 8.5/10! I will totally recommend it to my friends and anyone who is looking for a nice restaurant for a quick lunch here in Ibadan.

Until next time I will be exploring new places here in Ibadan (alone or with a buddy). Where have you discovered lately in your city? I want to know..

Love D.A.


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