Personal hygiene: The importance of good personal hygiene and a guide to achieve top notch self care.

Good Personal hygiene cannot be over emphasized, you would think that alot of adults have this down but surprisingly not many do.

Today, as I sat and waited during my CDS (community development service) which happens once a week during the time of NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) an individual who I will identify as X walked up to me and asked for a favor. The moment he opened his mouth I was assaulted by his breathe. It was horrible, my stomach instantly crunched and turned from the irritation of his breathe. I was like Damn! What did I do to deserve this?

I couldn’t wait for the conversation to be over because of his breathe, which got me thinking about personal hygiene and the importance of ensuring that we all adequately take care of ourselves.

Importance of good personal hygiene.

First impressions matter alot! When someone walks into the room the first thing you notice is their appearance, how neat they looked or how frumpy. The ironed shirt, the nice smell, the shinning shoes. No I’m not talking about interviews, on our everyday life we notice people and judge them based on appearance. How you appear inform people on how to address you. It’s how the saying goes dress how you Wang to be addressed the little things you think don’t matter, matter a whole lot. Having good personal hygiene and ensuring you are well groomed always.

There are a series of habits we need to adopt in self care which can also be called a guide to achieving good personal hygiene. Some of the following habits are:

1. Shower: wash your body everyday, you go out interact with people and the environment. Showering often leaves you smelling fresh ensure you have daily showers at least twice a day. I always shower whenever I go out in the sun and sweat, I hate the smell and sticky feeling of sweat. Also use a good body spray, cologne or perfume.

2. Brush your teeth: apart from avoiding bad breathe there are many health benefits of brushing your teeth regularly. Brushing regularly help avoid cavities and gum diseases. Clean your teeth every morning when having yoyr bath, after your morning breakfast and before going to bed. Also make regular visits to your dentist once every month or every two to three months.

3. Hair care: Wash your hair regularly! Bad smelling hair is disgusting remember that people will smell your hair and you don’t want to be that person with smelling hair. Wash with shampoo or soap at least once a week. Also take care of the hairs located in other parts of your body armpit hairs and hairs in your privates. Shave and keep them clean and groomed. Don’t wait for a date to groom your bush. Everyday you have is a date with yourself so keep groomed!

4. Always wash your hands after using the toilet. You don’t want the germs on the toilet seat to get into your body. So wash and dry hands after using the toilet. Also washing your hands with soap before preparing and/or eating food, working out is equally important.

5. Clothes care: wash and press your clothes and store them in a neat environment. Do not keep your clean clothes with your dirty clothes. If you hate washing them get a laundry service to help keep your clothes clean. This also goes for your undergarments.

6. Nail care: care for your nails, clean them, trim them, ensure germs aren’t stuck under your nails.

The above tips are not rocket science you can ensure your personal hygiene is top notch by following some of these tips.

Remember having a good personal hygiene is a form of self care. If love yourself you will ensure that you smell nice, have you nails and hair groomed. Take care of yourself because good personal hygiene is great self care. Take of you and love yourself.

Love D. A


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