7 things to do before 2019 ends

2019 ends in less than 13 days. However, there are a few things we need to do before the 2019 ends. I know a lot of people are already writing and projecting their 2020 but they actually don’t feel like 2019 is over.

So I am sharing with you 7 (seven) Things you need to do before 2019 ends:

1. Check your finances: yes I always start with the money because when your money is in check, you automatically feel like you have some sort of control. Pull your financial statements and look through it. How much did you make 2019? How much did you save? How much did you invest?

Did you make any wise financial decisions? Did you make any decisions you regret? If you have a business check these things in your business also. Don’t jump into making new year financial goals and plans. Take out time to evaluate the decisions you already made and why you made these decisions, this can only be done by evaluation.

2. Make a self-appraisal: ask yourself certain questions, did I grow this year? Was I living my best life? Did I take chances? Did I challenge myself? Did I take care of myself? My health? My mind and my body? These are very important questions to ask yourself.

3. Check your relationships: How did you relate with other people this year? Did you grow stronger relationships? Did you make new friends? For the single ones did you date? Are you even ready to date? For the ones in relationships, did you grow with your partner?

Evaluate the relationship, is your partner who you actually want to be with? Or are you settling for less because you’re scared to actually going for what you want? Is your relationship growing according to the way you want? These are really important things to ask yourself.

4. Check your goals: we all had 2019 goals, at the beginning of the year we wrote some goals, during the year we worked hard to achieve them, some we achieved and others we couldn’t achieve.

Now is the time to tick off the goals your achieved and take out time to study in detail the goals you didn’t achieve and why you didn’t achieve them.

5. Write a list of your accomplishments: your accomplishments are our medals of honour, they are those exams we aced, goals we achieved, projects we finished and we should be proud of them. When we make a list of our accomplishments for the year we see how far we have gone.

Some may be ask how do I know which to put on the list? Well anything you put in your time, effort and resources for a specific time to achieve a specific.

6. Write a list of your failures: we win some we lose some, I know a lot of us will rather focus on the successes and not talk about our failures but writing a list of your failures actually makes you appreciate your accomplishments and help you recognize your mistakes.

7. Write a gratitude list: Last but not the least write a gratitude list, write all the things you’re grateful for, no matter how little they are. Write them and recognize your blessings. As the Bible says count your blessings name them one by one and see what the lord has done.

After you’re done with this short exercise you will feel a little bit more prepared for the next year and the next decade that 2020 ushers. I hope this post helps someone.

Happy new year in advance.