Happy New Year

We just boarded a connecting flight, with the destination heading to another 366 days of our journey on earth. On this journey remember to take all the lessons and achievements from your previous journey, keep them close to your heart let them fuel your focus on this journey. Remember to look out the window to admire God’s perfection, remembering you are part of this perfection and have a unique purpose to fulfill. Remember to breathe when life becomes a little unbearable knowing that this too will pass.
Remember God loves and sees you, so cast your cares onto Him. Remember to learn, seeking knowledge with tenacity.
Remember to take a stand and speak even when you feel your voice will be lost in the sea of voices, your voice is important so use it.
Remember that your failures will never define you so never give up.
Remember to experience one day at a time, appreciating the beauty of the sunsets and sunrises. Remember to receive with gratitude and give with an open heart. Last but not least, remember to love with a fierceness of the soul, giving your heart the opportunity to give such an amazing gift. I wish you your best year yet. Enjoy your 2020 journey!
With love – Deeawata 💓

#newyear #writer #editor #chicitynomad

copied New Year Message written and posted originally on instagram account @deeawata


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