3 major Steps to help take yourself seriously this year.

The first step to changing your life is by taking yourself seriously! A good majority of us do not take ourselves seriously and this is a FACT. No!! you must be thinking, I take myself seriously.

Really? Do you Really?

When was the last time you set a goal and achieved it in record time?

When was the last time you put your needs as a priority in your life?

When was the last time you said No without apology or explanation?

Yeah, I thought as much.

Hey, you’re not alone. Infact while reevaluating my 2019, I realized a pattern of behavior of mediocrity and nonchalance I had subconsciously developed and wasn’t proud of. It was a challenging year and for the most part I was moving rapidly physically and emotionally but as difficult as it was to admit (this is why it took me so long to write this post), I had realized that this pattern was the reason I didn’t achieve some set goals for 2019.

This mediocrity and nonchalance came from a place of guarding myself from hurt that I started taking myself and my needs less seriously. Refocusing on my need for everything and everyone around me to be fine, it was easy to forget my own importance. This action set me back lots of hours, that turned into days, that turned into weeks.

A lot of us have forgotten our own importance to ourselves. We are not a priority in our own lives, we do not value our own opinions, we never applaud ourselves and yet we wonder why we are failing.

This is about to change. Why? First, let me tell you why you have to take yourself seriously.

You’re So Unique. You’re important, you’re made of talents, skills that are peculiar to YOU. You’re a force to be reckoned with. Believing these statements about yourself is a step closer to taking yourself seriously.

Having that at the back of our minds of how unique and important we are, we can now proceed to some steps that will help us take ourselves seriously:

1. Pay attention to those things people tell you about yourself and your skills: people usually see what we never want to see. You must have been told, you possess certain skills that are a source of admiration for others and you brush it off. I for one have done this and still do this sometimes. It’s not healthy. When someone tells you something as mundane as, hey I love your organisational skills, don’t say oh it’s nothing. No, it’s something and its something that is unique to you. So say thank you and believe that you have some badass skills! This helps to boost your self-confidence and also lets you see you from the outside, from the eyes of others.

However, do not only pay attention to the positive alone, pay attention to the negative comments also. I am not saying allow the opinions of others rule your life, but from time to time do some self appraisal. Ask trusted people you are sure have no malicious intent valid questions about yourself. You may be surprised what you will find out.

2. Recognize those things you always do for others and start doing them for yourself: for example if you’re the go-to friend for fashion advice, you help everyone look good but you always come out in sweats and t-shirts because you want to be “comfortable”.

Looking and acting that way doesn’t represent who you are and your skills adequately. Why do you feel you have to be less? If you took yourself seriously you would recognise you’re an authority in this, you help people and you should certainly look and act the part. I for one always find myself giving advice and the one thing I am telling myself now is “Dee take your own advice stop with the nonchalance”. We cannot afford to be nonchalant about your lives and the things pertaining to us.

3. Say No: say no without apology, without explanation just say no. Learn to say no. We don’t take ourselves seriously because we are so busy saying yes to everything and everyone we forget we are important too. We forget we have plans and we need some of that time we are giving out without caution for ourselves, our growth and our plans. So learn to say NO.

Always remember in all your dealings that:

Do you know you can take yourself back, take your time back with a simple answer of No?

Do you know your life can change in just 6 months if you realise you’re unique by owning up to your badassery?

Living and working with purpose? Well, now you know.

Do all that is needed of you and you will be on your way into a year where you plan, focus and execute, while saying NO to everything that isn’t for you, because when you say No to the wrong things you can start saying yes to the right ones.

Have a productive 2020 with you at the forefront of your goals taking yourself seriously and kicking ass!

Are you taking yourself seriously this year? And how do you intend to do that? Tell me in the comments below.