Travel Diaries: Abuja city guide; 5+ places worth visiting in Abuja.

Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria and also one of the most beautiful cities in Africa houses lots of amazing spots that any tourist or traveler would love to visit. Imagine a city with clear blue skies, fresh air, and mass land, yeah that is Abuja.

I loved every minute I spent in this city, it was like a breath of fresh air. Trust me if you’re Nigerian and need a break from work and your city (especially if you stay in Lagos) you can travel to Abuja for a short stay and enjoy yourself thoroughly.

Today I will quickly review 10 places to visit in Abuja this list will include places to stay, restaurants, parks, and just things work seeing in the city. So stick around.

1. Sinclair Guest House & Cantina Restaurant:

Sinclair Abuja

Sinclair Abuja

Now I travel on a budget and trust me, I make sure I get every penny’s worth on every payment and Sinclair was just that. This beautiful and affordable guest house located at Maitama, Abuja.

Sinclair Abuja
Cantina Restaurant

It is easily accessible, with 4 start qualities. My favorite time staying here was breakfast time, check-in time is 12 pm.

Breakfast at Cantina

The rooms are cleaned, smell nice and the staff is very polite and friendly. Cantina is a five-star restaurant and meals in Cantina were absolutely yummy. Price range of meals are N2000 ($6) – N6000 ($17) and the price range per night at Sinclair range from N17,000 ($47) – N25,000 ($68).

2. Magic land: if you’re one for adventure and funfairs then Magicland located at Wuye Abuja is certainly a place to visit. It is an amusement park that gives off a tourist vibe. I visited and had the most fun here I have had in a while. You can check out this video I made with my friends. Fun Fact it is so very affordable to visit entry tickets cost N500 for adults and N300 for kids, and it comes with one complimentary ride.

Magic Land Abuja

Magic Land Abuja Foods and snacks range from N500- N2000 and drinks from N100 – N500, cheap right? Yes. Ice cream also costs N500- N1500.

3. Jabi Lake: Jabi lake is located at Jabi, Abuja. It is a park that has a beautiful view of the lake and is great for taking work and fitness purposes. If you’re a fit fam traveler and you find yourself in Abuja this is the perfect place to jog and take a walk.

You will see lots of vendors selling gym accessories, food, drinks, gym clothes, and smoothies.

The beetroot smoothie I drank at Jabi lake was one of the best I have ever had and it was very affordable too. Visiting Jabi lake actually made me want to move over to Abuja.

I totally fell in love with the city after this visit. If you are in Abuja you should certainly visit.

4. Jabi lake mall: Jabi lake mall is also an honorary mention, I visited to shop, get ice cream and just feel like a tourist in another city.

The View at Jabi Lake Mall

The few of the lake is also one reason why it is on the list if you can’t make it to the Jabi Lake but want to see the view, you can certainly visit the lake mall and get that view.

5. Nkoyo kitchen: this was the first restaurant I visited in Abuja, my dear friend Ibrahim took me here. It is one that is dear to my heart.

Myself and Ibrahim at Nkyoko’s Kitchen

He took me here because he knows I loved artsy, cultural places with great vibes and that is what this place offers.

The service was top notch so was the food. The blow of fries you get before your meal is so easy we ate it all. The meal was tasty and reasonably priced. If you find yourself in Maitama you should visit here

6. Tiki Culture: I already reviewed tiki culture here but it is a restaurant worth visiting even if it is just for the aesthetics.

Tiki Culture Abuja

This place gave me European tourist vibes and I loved it. Food was great, service not so much but I enjoyed visiting here

Some other places to see/visit are:

* Coco Cafe

* Ozidu House ( a private guest house perfect for long and short stays).

* Strobrie by Joan (I had the best cake here).

* The Central Mosque Abuja

*Metro Cafe

* National park

* Maitama Farmers Market

* Yahuza suya joint at Junkyard Central Area (rumored to be the best Suya in Abuja)

If you enjoy clubbing and the nightlife you may want to check out Moscow Underground, Sofa Lounge and Aramis club.

Abuja is such a beautiful city to get lost in and experience life. I hope this post guides you during your visit.


  1. Such a list! Funny thing is my friend always speaks of this yahuza suya, so yummy.
    I thought that Abuja is a very expensive city for touristy activity but with hotel booking less than 20k, this is really assuring.
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Loved the rock climbers on the wall of the Sinclair. I wish I had the money to travel but the second-best thing is how you always bring them to life with words and photos.


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