A survival guide to social distancing in a time like this: 10 ways to still have fun and be productive.

Due to the ravaging coronavirus, a lot of us have not only canceled or postponed travel plans but have also embarked on social distancing for the safety of all.

For those that do not know or aren’t sure of what the term means, Social Distancing simply means nonpharmaceutical infection control actions intended to stop or slow down the spread of a contagious disease such as the coronavirus. So this means staying home and really staying away from crowds and crowded spaces.

While social distancing seems like the best way to curb the spread of this virus at the moment, a lot of us chicitynomads feel weird and some even feel anxious about not being able to take a walk, go to work, go to their favorite restaurants and coffee shops and do all their favorite things.

So how do we survive social distancing? Well here is a guide for you:

1. Read: I love a good book, I mean who doesn’t? This may be the time to finally catch up on all that reading you said you will do this 2020. Wouldn’t it be super cool to mark off majority of your reading list in just a few days of social distancing? So get to it. For the students who have exams coming up, you can take out time to study more since schools are closed and exams postponed.

2. Update your playlist: after reading music is the next thing after my heart, I know I have some music lovers over here. If you are a music lover you can take out time to update your playlist with the latest songs from your favorite artists. I mean Jhene Aiko has a new album out, Meg has her Suga album out you may want to check these out. As a lover of classical music, I have been listening to classical music and just exploring many different genres while updating my playlist with songs that speak to my soul. To take it a step further you can make every day of the week an artist day where you stream all your favorite songs from this artist. For example, Monday can be Beyonce day, Tuesday Debussy, Wednesday Michael Bolton and so on. All depending on your moods and tastes.

3. Binge-watch your favorite movies/shows: time to finally binge watch the Godfather, 50 shades of grey and Blackish! Netflixing with some snacks while catching up on some of your favorite shows is a vibe. If you’re not a fan of movies you can go on YouTube and watch some interesting YouTube channels. You can also watch documentaries, standup comedy shows I recommend Kelvin Hart and so on. It depending on your preferences.

4. Cook: how many of us really have the time to cook our favorite meals between school and work? Not many. So take advantage of this time on your hands to get all Martha Stewart and make some nice good food for yourself. Which you can enjoy with some wine, music or movies.

5. Start a new project: we always say we never have time to embark on new projects, well now you have some time on your hands so why not? Just ensure it is safe to do in your house. To make it exciting, you can focus on doing something you have always wanted to do. If you’re a writer, this may be the best time to write a few chapters of that book, you can start a DIY project, do something cool let your creative juices flow.

6. Check on your friends and family: due to work, school and our busy lives, we usually don’t have the time to check on our family and friends. Now you have some time on your hands pick up the phone and talk to them. I’m sure they have some time on their hands too so have those long conversations you have been dying to have. Face time them and catch up. Trust me you will feel better afterward.

7. Care for yourself: focus on self-care, take bubble baths, do your skincare routine, shave, moisturize, drink wine, eat good, exercise, apply face masks and rest up. You deserve it. If you’re social distancing with your partner or the whole family you can all have a home spa day and make the most of it. It will be an amazing experience for both or all of you.

8. Declutter and clean out: declutter your kitchen, wardrobe, rooms, etc and just organize your space. You never have the time to so take advantage of this time on your hands.

9. Mediate: mediation is great for your mind, soul, spirit, and body. So meditate and rid yourself of all negative energy. There is a lot of fear in the atmosphere at the moment and we shouldn’t succumb to fear. If you can focus on sending positive vibrations into the world and pray for the quick recovery of everyone affected. We should elevate our minds to accept positivity, this virus just like all the other viruses will come and will pass. If you’re home with your partner you can mediate together also. This is also the best time to have those important conversations with your partner you haven’t had the time to.

10. Sleep: catch some much-needed sleep trust me your body will thank you for it. Soon we will be out and about again, back to work, back to the grind so while we have this time to sleep in, SLEEP in and refresh yourself.

Social Distancing does not have to be you sitting at home a bunch of nerves waiting for the next terrible news, while we stay abreast with what is currently happening around us, we can also be productive and have some fun.

Keep positive, stay safe, social distance and wait this out. This too will pass. Are you currently social distancing? What is a typical day like for you?


    1. I love sleeping although I really wish I could do more of it. I will try to in the next couple of days though. And I agree it’s a great time to get to know your partner better! Thanks for reading 💓

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