Teas for your immune system, metabolism, skin and mental health

I love a good cup of tea, even better when I know it helps improve my quality of life. Just like anyone, my immune system, metabolism, skin and mental health are most important to me.

The old Asian culture of tea drinking has helped prove that drinking tea is actually beneficial to you. Today I complied a list of teas that are great for you and help improve your quality of life.

Teas for your immune system: Ginger tea with its flavour and spicy taste, is great for your immune system as it packs a punch of healthy, diseases fighting antioxidants. Also Echinacea tea is popular for its ability to prevent and shorten common cold. It can help boost the immune system which in turn helps the body fight off viruses and infections.

Teas for your metabolism: Aside from regularly going to the gym, teas rich in antioxidants such as Peppermint, Star Anise Tea and White Tea helps speed digestion and also help you burn calories.

Teas for your skin: Our skin is one of our most important organs. Teas like Jasmine and Dandelion tea which helps prevent signs of aging, Chamomile tea which is great on the face to help reduce puffiness, Red Bush Tea/Rooibos tea which is great for treating skin diseases, Green Tea, Kombucha and Matcha tea are some great teas for your skin.

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Teas for mental health: Our mental health is important, a lot of us due to stress and worries of life, have compromised our mental health considerably. Herbal teas help promote relaxation and mental health. Herbs such as Lavender, Jasmine, Chamomile can all improve your mental health.

Whether you are drinking teas for your mental health, immune system, metabolism or skin care. Drinking teas can never go out of fashion. So sip your way to your best quality of life and ultimately your best self.

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What’s your relationship with tea? Do you drink them a lot or do you drink them from time to time. Tell us in the comment below 👇


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