Product Review: Arami Essentials Glow oil.

Your body is a temple -Arami

Arami essentials is an organic skincare brand that focuses on producing African themed organic skincare products for all shades of melanin. Since I discovered Arami on Instagram, I have loved their page and their message, especially since the products, are reasonably priced. So when the opportunity to try out the glow oil presented itself I grabbed it with both hands with the intention of doing a review on the blog of the product I used (this is not a sponsored post).

First impression: this was my first time using a product from this brand, my first impression was “wow”. I loved the package it came in. Unboxing the Arami Essentials Glow oil was fun, the bottle came delicately sealed in a box and there was a cute inspirational note that accompanied it. That read:

My experience: the Arami glow oil (sweet oud) is a nourishing Shea oil for face and body great for the skin but not for sensitive skin. It came in a plastic bottle which I prefer to glass bottles for obvious reasons. The oil smelled really nice and fresh. It felt smooth also when I applied the oil on damp skin according to the instructions on the bottle.

Arami Glow Oil (Sweet Oud)

I loved how it felt on my skin although I noticed my face got irritated by it after a while (there was a possibility that the scented glow oil would react that way on my face but I took that chance by buying it to know for sure). I stopped using it on my face when I noticed the reaction but continued using it on my body as my body didn’t react to it.  I love the amazing scent and the feel, the glow oil leaves your skin looking good and feeling good. While some people add it to their moisturizer, I used it directly on my damp skin because I am more of an oil person and less of a moisturizer person and the result has been really good so far.

Conclusion: I really like this product, it feels nice and smells nice and I will actually use it again but this time I think I would go for the unscented version of this oil because of how it reacted to my face. So I totally recommend. It was worth the purchase price of N2800 approximately $8 (the price of the product alone minus delivery). To purchase any of the Arami products, you can head to their website to make your purchase. They have a wide range of organic products you can try for any skin type and they are also affordable.


  1. I have always loved the look and branding of Arami Essentials. I can’t wait to try their products.
    Lovely review and photos. I am looking to try their Onyx polish and Toner too.


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