Quaran-You : The pandemic and your mental health

I do not like confine spaces. I am a wanderer at heart and in real life. I like to see the sky, feel the ocean breeze and feel the sunlight on my skin. I have never been a fan of confine spaces because it feels choking and it also forces me to think too deeply which is detrimental to my mental health. I find myself at the bottom of the thinking spectrum in-between life thoughts and conspiracy theories it is NOT a cute look.

I never thought I will have to write a piece where I will share a survival guide to social distancing/quarantine and tips to improve your immune system but I did because these are uncertain times. We have tried to survive and boost our health but let’s talk about our mental health in quarantine and how these uncertainties pose a threat to our minds. No doubt a lot of people are in very delicate mental states right now and are currently fighting silent battles because this mandatory quarantine is taking a toll on them.

Mental health discussions are very important because all we are and everything we do starts from our powerhouse which is our mind.

I have worked remotely from home for years, trust me when I say this quarantine isn’t like remote work. I know a lot of people try to sell it to you like that but it isn’t because unlike my remote work this isn’t something that we chose. We are not in control and lack of control brings about some level of anxiety. Which is totally normal. We can’t just get up and be like you know what I don’t feel up to this quarantine stuff anymore and leave, you can do that with remote work.

This is a real-life situation, it is a war with a common enemy the pandemic. The whole world is going through this at the same time, it doesn’t get more real than that. Due to individual differences, we react differently to every situation. People who started off strong, positive and with a plan have slipped into fear and anxiety due to all the information they consume daily. However, other people who started off weak and scared are now fearless and hopeful, while others have sunk deeper into fear and general anxiety which is both detrimental to the health and the state of mind.

The first thing I believe we should realize in these difficult times is first, it is totally abnormal the way the world is today and most importantly we are all going through this together at the same time and it is no body’s fault. Allow this realization to fuel your decisions and your actions. You’re human and it is okay to feel worried, fearful and anxious. I mean you see different horrid news every day and the happenings over the past few weeks have tested your resolve and you find your hope thinning out. Everyone is saying be strong but you find yourself drowning in a sea of disbelief and your hope for a better tomorrow is questioned. In between all these emotions you also find yourself having regrets, you’re looking back at your life as if it’s the end and you’re regretting every move you didn’t make, every time you shied away from living your best life, the vacations you didn’t make, every day you didn’t live your true purpose and all these thoughts have planted deep seeds of regret, fear and had I knows in you. I understand and all I can tell you is Breathe and find the balance.

It is normal to feel Fear, Regret and Anxiety in this kind of situation but it is a disservice to allow yourself these emotions consume you. While you are allowed to feel your feelings, you’re also encouraged to understand your emotions. However, you are NOT allowed drown and get lost in them. This is where finding the balance comes in.

Guard your mind. Remember the most valuable person to you is who? You guessed right YOU. Choose to gradually drag yourself out of the pit of negativity by examining your thoughts without bias or pressure and focus on saving yourself by protecting your mind. Take conscious steps to make sure you’re good even if it means less news, tv, social media, less trying to shove your feelings under the carpet and make cute tick tok videos. Less trying to keep up with the Quran Teens and more doing stuff to make yourself feel more yourself.

Don’t force yourself to be happy, if everyday you do something for yourself that makes you feel more like yourself then that is enough. It is not a competition on who did Better or the most during this quarantine period it’s a battle for survival.

You , We have to survive this . Why? Because there are so much amazing things we are going to do in our lives that we are yet to do. This is a phase, a difficult one but it shall pass . Alienate the noise and focus on the center of it all YOU. Find the balance. Prioritise doing activities that give you joy and relief. Also, even if you’re committed to growing this period do it in a manner that doesn’t take away from who you are. Don’t put unrealistic pressure on yourself don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself.

Your mental state of mind is very important to you. Protect your mind. Protect your peace and protect yourself. You deserve that remember, a happy life starts from a healthy working mind. Be safe, try new things, take breaks, sleep, eat, binge watch your guilty pleasure shows, mediate, Pray, heal and we will go through this and come out healthier and happier.


  1. I think maintaining a positive mindset is the best way to get through this covid-19 period. I see people panicking all day, searching for the latest figures and info from the government but it’s not always good for their mental health. I guess, just like you said, life’s 90% how we react to it. It’s up to everyone to keep their minds in the right place.


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