There are times we stay up all night and look through our lives so far as if looking at a glass mirror.  We look at the decisions we made that led us to the places we currently are, the reality of our respective situations, the compromises we made, the vibes we received, the people we let go of, the people we held on to for too long, the compromises we made, the unhealthy patterns we allowed, how we let the decisions and actions of others affect us, we look at it all people that stayed on their own, the moments of sadness and betrayal, we look at it all.

We also look at good things, the things and people we are grateful for, and who we truly are now based on every situation we have been through and every challenge we have overcome. We know for sure we are in the process of BECOMING. Becoming who we were really meant to be and we embrace the journey the good and challenging parts of this journey.

We are becoming who we were really meant to be all along. Embrace the journey. Have a lovely week ahead.


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