5 tips to stay on track and achieve your goals

Our goals are usually the driving force behind our actions. When 2020 came along a lot of us set new shiny goals that we were so sure we will achieve in record time. We started working on them and then came the pandemic. With everything currently happening many of us have been tempted to throw our 2020 goals into the dustbin. It’s been a tough, unpredictable couple of months and we feel very discouraged and those shiny goals don’t look like they will be achieved any time soon. Leaving us to wonder how we can get back on track and achieve these goals of ours.

Instead of losing face and being discouraged, now more than ever is the time to get back on track and achieve our goals.

So here are 5 tips to stay on our goals even in our most confused and discouraging moments:

1. Evaluate and Redefine: go back to those goals you wrote earlier this year and analyze them. Look at them individually and ask yourself what can I do to maybe achieve this goal fully or partially. Can you achieve a goal partially you may ask? Yes you can. For example, if you had a goal set in January to lose 50kg before December, assessing it while taking into consideration your current situation is very important.

Go back to the drawing board.

Okay maybe you can no longer lose that weight in that time frame, however, what you can do is set a realistic goal of losing 3-10kg every month based on your current activity level instead of just abandoning the goal altogether. You will see that by December you would be well on your way to achieving this goal.

2. Break your goals into bits and pieces: still on redefining your goals, a good way to achieve them is to break your big goals into smaller goals that you can achieve daily, weekly, monthly. For example, if you had the goal of getting a good-paying job in 2020 and because of the pandemic a lot of companies are currently not recruiting then, you need to break this goal into how many companies you can research daily, how many job applications you can apply to weekly, how many people you can contact about information concerning recruitment and how many online courses you can take to sharpen your skills, so on. These are small achievable goals that you can easily get done every day that will yield you amazing results in the long run.

3. Focus: everything worth achieving and doing requires your FOCUS. I once read that focus means having anxiety, fear, and so on but setting your eyes on the prize. So keep your eyes on that prize, be it getting a new job, leveling up your finances, losing weight, etc. Keep your eyes on the prize and also get tools that will help to keep you on track.

Focus on your goals

4. Be accountable: one way to know you are on the right path is to track your progress. Being accountable allows you to know when you begin to slack. So periodically track your progress, look over your small goals weekly, and record your progress. Celebrate your small wins while you continue on your path to achieving more.

5. Don’t give up: redefine, focus, be accountable, and never give up. The process of achieving any goal will be challenging and there will be hurdles. Always remember that winners are simply people that never gave up. So ask yourself are you a winner? Are you ready to make the necessary sacrifices that will ensure your success?

It’s human to feel discouraged from time to time but we cannot cancel 2020 and say oh well it’s a crazy year. I have lost so much and I just want to chill till 2021 to get back out there. Doing that will be a huge disserve to yourself.

So today I urge you to get up and get back on track. Trust me by December you will be thanking yourself you did. Have a wonderful week ahead. Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends and loved ones ❤️


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