Walk your way to a healthier life.

Studies have proven that walking helps to increase your quality of life. Realistically many of us are not “gym bodies”, we cannot consistently keep up with the gym workouts but still want to keep up with regular exercise. Although we may not be consistent at the gym, we can walk our ways to a healthier life.

Physical activity does not have to be vigorous. Walking doesn’t need any fancy equipment and is a great form of physical activity that can be done by anyone anywhere.

5 benefits of taking regular walks.

1. Helps your health: it is no secret that taking walks regularly helps to keep us active, fit, and also helps to burn fat and lose weight. Most people think running is the only form of exercise that helps achieve this, however, walking does as much for our health as running or jogging does.

2. Improve Circulation: taking regular walks helps ward off heart disease by strengthening the heart. According to the Harvard School of Public Health researchers, women who walk 30 minutes a day can reduce their risk of stroke by 20% – 40%. It also increases lung capacity, boost immunity and so on.

3. Improves your mood: natural endorphins are usually released to the body while walking. Some studies have proven that walking helps improve the emotional well being of many and so many people find this activity therapeutic.

4. Improves your stamina: we all know that exercise helps you boost your stamina, consistent walking helps you achieve this also as it is a great exercise. It also helps you build stronger bones, tone your body, and improve bodily balance, muscle strength, and endurance.

5. Improve Sleep: Walking helps improve sleeping patterns and also relieve insomnia in some cases.

Check your walking posture.

Best times to walk are usually during the morning or evenings for at least 30 minutes few days every week. Younger, middle aged and older people benefit greatly from taking regular walks. Some great apps and health watches help you track your steps, heart rate and calories burned from your walks. You can use these apps to track your progress.

Walking yourself to good health can be achieved. You just need to be international and consistent. Do you walk? How often do you take walks? What is your favorite exercise routine?



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