Traveling is such a rewarding pursuit, especially traveling to the motherland of Africa. Cape Town is a beautiful city in South Africa. Over the years, it has become an official vacation spot for families, digital nomads, and generally individuals who enjoy living and having a great time, why? Because it is a city of culture and adventure.

There are so many places to see in Cape Town so if you happen to find yourself in South Africa Cape Town there are 10 things you should definitely do and see during your visit:

  1. Constantia: The Constantia valley is located at central Cape Town. The region is known for oak lined streets with vintage houses and the oldest vineyard. You can take a private tour amongst the lovely vines and sip some wine while enjoying the beautiful scenery.
  2. Snorkeling: Seals are such amazing creatures and for nature lovers, spying on these animals is something you will definitely love doing. Getting involved with this fun activity will give you the chance to play with the seals and watch them interact with you and their natural habitat.
  3. Beaches: If you love the water but you can’t go snorkeling then visiting a beach will be perfect for you. You can visit either Boulders or Clifton beach or both if you simply can’t choose between them. If you are also feeling really adventurous take a swim in Cape Town’s renowned shark infested waters but then this is not for the fainthearted.
  4. The District Six Museum: If you are a lover of history and art then you most definitely need to visit the District Six Museum. In there, you’ll learn and experience a bit of South Africa’s history.
  5. Table Mountain: Going on trips should mean trying new things and having adventures so why not go on a cable car ride up Table Mountain. Do it for the fun, for the long exciting cable car ride and most importantly do it for the views of City Bowl.
  6. Long Street: If you love the party scene you will love Long Street. It is the place for partying as bars like Neigbourhood, Julep and Waiting Room await you will open doors. Treat yourself with good drinks and good vibes.
  7. Go shopping: Due to its originality, the markets in Cape Town are known for their beautiful and exquisite pieces, so why not visit the Imagenius, Pan-African Market, Africa Nova, Baraka, Greenmarket Square and so on to purchase items ranging from old folk art, souvenir clothing to home wear and authentic face masks depending on your preferences.
  8. Spa relaxation: Cape Town has different places of relaxation and spas where you can just kick back and enjoy a great massage and rub.
  9. Enjoy Jazz: Jazz plays a huge part of the heritage and culture of Cape Town. The number of jazz festivals and parties like the Jazzathon and Cape Town International Jazz Festival speak volumes as to how much the people of Cape Town love their jazz music so, if you are into jazz music check out Cape Town’s jazz scene (bars, restaurants) I believe you will love it.
  10. Explore the food: Cape Town has a variety of amazing food spots and there are so many places you can go and different foods and flavors to taste both familiar and unfamiliar. Visit the La Mouette Restaurant, The Pot Luck Club, Gold Restaurant and so many others. Look forward to eating South African roosterkoek, Senegalese line fish, and Karoo lamb and so on, explore your taste buds and enjoy Cape Town.

When it comes to this place, this list doesn’t exhaust all the amazing things you can do while you enjoy your stay at the historical city of Cape Town. Don’t forget to take a camera along to capture the amazing views and a fun attitude towards the locals. Enjoy Cape Town!!


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