3 ways to squeeze in self-care (in a busy day/week) + Quick Self-care activities for you.

We know self-care is self-love, however, due to our busy lives, we may not be able to engage in self-care activities like we will want to. Because our wellness is so important that we do not want to compromise this for anything, we will be talking about 3 ways to squeeze in some self-care activities even on our busiest of days and also giving quick self-care tips below.

3 ways to Squeeze in Self-care even on your busiest days

1. Be intentional about self-care: being intentional simply means prioritizing your self-care, know that you deserve this love and care, and prioritize it. It all starts for your mind, you have to take a decision to always prioritize wellness activities that will improve your quality of life. So while taking mental notes of your priorities, place your self-care on the top of that list of priorities. This way no matter how busy your life gets you will always have time to do some beneficial self-care activities. Remember you cannot pour from an empty cup.

2. Use a schedule: we are big on planning ahead, life has its ups, downs, and surprises, but for the most part, planning helps a whole lot. Activity planned for and scheduled, is most likely going to be done than one unplanned for.

Schedule in your self-care activities.

So no matter the how irrelevant the self – care activity may seem to you, even if it will take just a few minutes out if your time, schedule it into your daily itinerary. Even if it is to take a 5 minutes break, a ten-minute stretch, a quick power nap or to just unplug for one hour, plan this into your schedule . This way, no matter how busy you find yourself, you wouldn’t forget and miss out on such benefiting activities.

3. Create more time for yourself: you may be thinking right now, this isn’t possible because I live a busy life on the tight schedule. Yes, that may be true, however, we all have those idle moments, so why not try to convert your idle moments to self-care moments.

Create time for self care

Also to create more time for yourself, you will have to look deeply into your daily routine and pick out those things you can cut out or convert to self-care moments. This can include creating breaks around your busy schedule, missing out on some activities and outings just to take care of yourself, waking up an hour earlier or setting a time to sleep so you can wake up earlier and more refreshed, just to create more time for yourself.

These are a few ways to squeeze in self-care into your busy life. As additional information, here are some quick self-care activities to engage in on a daily basis even on some of your busiest days:

1. Take a 5 minutes break: shut your eyes and mind for 5 minutes in between work hours. It calms you down and helps you refocus, while you at it, take a breathing exercise, deep breathes, inhale and exhale.

2. Get up and take a walk: if you sit all day at your desk working, make it a habit to get up and take a short walk. If you have some more time you can go out to intake some clean air while stretching your legs.

3. Meditate: you can meditate for 10 minutes or more it all depends on how much time you have on your hands. Meditation is beneficial to our mental health.

Quick Meditation even on your busy days for selfcare

4. Journal: you can take out a few minutes daily to journal, writing helps clear the mind so journal.

5. Do a facemask: it takes less than 15 minutes to wear a face mask, so reduce some stress do a facemask.

Quick face masks for self care

6. Unplug for 30 minutes to 1 hour or more. Switch off devices and shut off the internet for a bit and just unplug. You can also take a short nap.

Self-care is very important in the life of every individual. It is important for our overall mental and physical health and ultimately enables us to live a fuller more abundant life, #ourbestlife. So what are those self-care activities you do, even on your busy days?


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